That's Four Days In A Row In The DAR...Pray For My Family

Nov 09, 2012

Okay, first the second part of my headline: These past two years have taken a toll on my family and, yet, they are still standing firmly beside me in all of this. However, the past five days and the inflammatory storytelling in the DAR and the threat of being arrested on election day have taken a huge chunk out of all our courage. Don’t worry they are still standing strong with me, but please pray for us.

For those who haven’t read the SEMO Times, they released an online story last night which helps to balance the DARs pro-city reporting: This Is The Reason They Call Poplar Bluff Little Chicago.

Since Monday, I’ve been slammed pretty hard in the DAR. So let me see if I can address some of these things:
1) Campaign Hand Bills on Vehicle Windshields. I can specifically state that I did not order, design, print or coordinate the distribution of those flyers which were allegedly placed on vehicles’ windshields over the weekend.

If you read the city ordinance, campaign material is left out of list of things which are prohibited to be attached to windshields. If you are putting out campaign handbills AND not asking for donations then you are a “canvasser” and not doing any advertising, promoting or announcing.

Also, the ordinances allow canvassers to attach a handbill to personal property as long as they do not damage the personal property (a vehicle is clearly personal property).

As for Election Day, I never thought that I could be intimidated to this degree. But the Detective told me, as he was writing out the ticket he gave me, that he had ever right to arrest me, I really was concerned. I got in my truck and drove back to Ward 1 where I had started my day and yet after parking my truck I couldn’t convince myself to get out. I called a friend for some encouragement but all he kept saying is that they seem intent on arresting you so if you make one tiny misstep you are going to spend the night in jail. After what I had experienced, I felt he was right and drove away four hours before the polls closed.

I really can’t believe this happened. I read the SEMO TIMES story late last night and was perplexed to find out that our local police did not have the authority or the blessing of the Missouri Ethics Commission to be doing what they were doing. The officer told me that all of this was part of a Missouri Ethics investigation and the DAR certainly reported it that way.

It is difficult to have patience at this stage, but I am trying. I truly believe that as the dust settles we will find ourselves staring at three, four or even five high-level city officials with their hand in this cookie jar.

  1. Concerned Citizen

    Sometimes in life one(1) individual has to suffer so that others might benefit from their misfortune. I can give you one(1) good example. If your venture is on the side of right, stay encouraged and know that you might not see the success of you venture, but your legacy will always be honored and remembered for the struggle you are currently in. All that you do, do it to the Glory of God.

  2. Jason

    wow, i bet that sucks. why not just quit being a loser? move on and get over yourself, also dont forget to delete my posts like always.

    1. Brian Becker

      Jason, the only post of yours I didn’t let thru is the one where you were deriding another user (Angie). All of the pot shots against me have been allowed because in my opinion they say more about you than they do about me:

      11/7 – HAHAHA score 1 for the city and 0 for brian. YOU LOSE Brian go tell your mommy about it maybe she will care.
      11/7 – hey brian, go pay your bills and wipe up your tears you loser. only reason you are against the city is because you are a bum and dont want to pay what you owe. PAY UP BRIAN AND MOVE ON.
      11/1 – yawn… give it up dude, you lost, time to grow up and move on with your pathetic life. I hear mcdonalds is hireing. yea go ahead and delete this like the real person you are.

  3. james

    Stay strong Brian the community supports you..I have spoken with city employess that support you also..Its getting ridiculous when the police get involved in such a pidly subject but Brian its obvious they are worried about keeping their phony boloney jobs they are desperate..The DAR is ridiculous and has been for years and extremely biased news service many local people buy the post dispatch because of the bs in our local news source..God bless you Brian and your family and have faith in a community that supports your efforts and isnt blind to our local NAZI goverment.

  4. jerry

    maybe its time let your lawyer do the talking. you are with in your rights. but the laws can be swayed against you. like when a state patrol pulls you over. the have a wide variety things to ticket us for. dirty tags drift left of center for just a second. give them reasonable cause. the city does not like you and there are idiots who would love to take matters, into their own hands.

    all this has been politics the city has unlimited money you have limited guard your business and family. this could get ugly for its over….

    stand our ground but use wisdom.

    1. Brian Becker

      Yea, Jerry. If only there was an organization with endless funds dedicated to protecting the civil liberties of US citizens…if only.

  5. Oris Swearingin

    You are certainly in my prayers. I am sure this darkness will be exposed for what it is. May God continue to give you and your family strength. I think the next election will be a land slide for anyone running against the current establishment no matter what party they are a part of. In fact, you should consider running for office. If you are able to keep a business and family in tact against an onslaught like this, that is what makes a great American. My prayers and thoughts are with you and may God bless you beyond your wildest dreams.