To Save A Life...A Movie Not To Miss

Jan 13, 2010

Movies are typically a wonderful way to “get away” from the hassles of life. However, sometimes a movie comes along with a mission to “grip you” with life and challenge you with what you are doing with yours.

This is a teen-aged movie that challenges youth to care about those around them, especially the “hard to love.” The movie is trying to push past the stereotypes that separate people and step out of our comfort zone to touch the lives of those around us.

The movie deals with topics that are fully in the face of youth these days including sex, parties, suicide, school shootings, abortion, responsibility and the questions of life and “Who am I?”.

This movie has themes of Christianity and how a relationship with God can change your views on those around you. And just maybe, God wants a relationship with you so you can “save a life.”

Through the efforts of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Poplar Bluff Kerasotes Theater has been selected as one of the premiere sites for opening weekend. We recommend that people who are wanting to attend the opening weekend consider purchasing their tickets online at or by stopping by the theater and purchasing your tickets.

OPENING DAY: Friday, January 22nd
PURCHASE TICKETS: in cooperation with RiverRadio will be giving away free tickets both online and on air starting Thursday, January 14th.

Check this web site or listen to KWOC for more information.

  1. Bill Ray

    I believe we will have a turnout much like the Fields of Faith event in Poplar Bluff last October where approximately 2000 attended. Fellowship of Christian Athlete campus huddles, athletic teams, and youth groups are already making plans to attend the movie on opening weekend on January 22,23,24. Poplar Bluff youth leaders and the FCA’s at the junior high, high school, and TRCC are looking at attending the opening night, Friday, January 22. I cannot emphasize how good this movie is and the impact I have already seen on those students who saw the movie screening a few weeks ago. It is a must see for teenagers and parents.

  2. Jeff Bush

    I saw a special screening of the movie in Atlanta and I believe it is a must see for every teen and their parents. These are the real issues teens today are dealing with. It is not your typical Christian movie and if you think that it will be boring you are mistaken. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. It is very real. I spoke with the writer of the movie and he shared with me that it was made by Goldwyn Productions and all but one are professional actors. Please make an effort to see this movie because it will be life changing.