Toni & Brian - Together 4Ever!

Feb 17, 2009


Wow. Never thought I’d have to write about this, but I certainly am glad I’ve got a forum to squelch this rumor:
     I am not getting a divorce!

Ten days ago, I had a local real estate agent contact me and say:

Brian, I hear you are selling your home. I hope you will consider letting me handle the sale for you.

Of course I told them that I had no plans on selling my home, but it certainly did make me wonder who would start such a rumor.

Today, my brother calls and says “Are you sitting down? A friend of a friend just called and said how sad they were to hear that Brian and Toni were getting a divorce.”

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! You’ve got to be kidding! So…let it be known that absolutely not, positively no, and under NO POSSIBLE MEANS, am I getting a divorce from my wife.

I love Toni. She loves me. And, for us, the “I dos” means 4-Ever.

  1. Jim Swinger

    It takes a special man to profess before everyone how much he Loves his wife, and it’s a reminder to all us men we shouldn’t just tell our beautiful wives how much we Love them on special occasions, but we should tell them everyday how much we Love them and appreciate them. Blessigs to you and Toni.
    Jim Swinger

  2. Glen

    Generally speaking, “he said”, “she said”, “I heard”, etc. should always be

    translated to “nobody said this, somebody just lied when they said”

    How sad our society has become. No good news today seems to be the

    normal. Turn off your TV’s, go out in the yard and play ball with the kids,

    go fishing, turn off your cell phone, delete all your emails one day per week

    Remember, the only one in real control of you is you. Be a leader, not a

    follower. So sorry for your family, Brian and Toni. Count your blessings

    for all you have and forgive those who have forsaken you.

  3. Heather

    That’s one rumor I hadn’t heard yet. How sweet of you to use your forum to profess your love for your wife! That’s one Valentine’s Day gift Toni will remember 4ever!!!