Urgent Message Regarding Cable Internet Service

May 04, 2011

Dear Cable Internet Customer,
[If you do not get your Internet service over the “City Cable” network in Poplar Bluff you do not have to worry about this announcement.]

The City now requires you to call in to the City Cable office (686-8020) or you will NOT be transitioned to their service and will be disconnected on May 9.

In cooperation with the Council’s decision, we provided City Cable with the list of customers to be transitioned over to their system on or before May 9. However, in contradiction to what Bill Bach, David Presley and Michael Pry agreed to almost a month ago, City Cable has decided to change the rules on us once again.

It is our understanding that each of the other ISPs were allowed to transition customers by providing a list to transfer.

THOSE WHO DO NOT CALL CITY CABLE before Noon on Monday, May 9, will be cut off from service at 4:30 that afternoon. According to the City, calls made after that will have their service turned on the following morning at 8am.

We deeply regret that you have to deal with this, but unfortunately they are in control of the network.

Please call 686-8020 to keep your Internet service from being disconnected at 4:30 on Monday afternoon.


Brian Becker
Poplar Bluff Internet, Inc.

  1. Lori C

    I am praying for you all there Brian. I believe that the Lord is a Just God and His Justice will prevail. You are a child of the Most High God and He will not leave you to defend for yourself. Jesus is our Advocate & will give you the words to speak in due time. Matthew 11:30 (New King James Version)
    “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

  2. Marilyn Martin

    I’m so sorry, Brian. Thanks for all your years of great service. I have always had wonderful service from your staff with friendly, helpful attitudes. You, your family, and your staff are in my prayers.