We Hit 1000 Signatures!

Sep 08, 2011

That’s right. It’s an exciting milestone for our group and yet, it isn’t time to celebrate yet. Of the 3000 signatures goal, we’ve made it past the first 1/3. Our next milestone is 1500, the half-way point.

We could get there even sooner if you would volunteer to help us. We need all kinds of volunteers from drivers, to callers, to doorbell ringers, to runners, to voter registration workers. We need it all. If you are interested in volunteering this weekend, email me at brian@semo.net.

Again, great job to everyone who has signed and those gathering signatures. It is an overwhelming feeling to see such a milestone passed!


    1. Brian Becker

      No doubt! <grin> We still have 14 days to get 2000 signatures!!! But that would be a miracle. Actually, we did expect more volunteers than the 10 we have. However, that’s not deterring us. But we knew going into this that there was no timeframe, we self imposed the 60 days. But at this point, it looks like that might have been a bit too aggressive.

      But, hey, it gave you an opportunity to take a jab at us…which you took good advantage of. <wink>