We Need Your Help On Invalidated Signatures (even if you live outside city limits)

Nov 21, 2011

The city of Poplar Bluff has decided to invalidate 1200 signatures. Those include any that were mailed in and over 1100 who signed a petition where the first page was the language of the ordinance and the 2nd and 3rd pages were stapled to it with lines for 20 names. Though we are convinced that the City has violated Missouri Law, we only have 10 days to correct this or our entire petition is thrown out. HELP US get this done.

Go to our List of Voters who were invalidated and see if your name or someone you know is on the list. Contact us (or the person on the list) and help us arrange a time to get this corrected.

To correct an invalidated signature, you need to resign on the same page as the ordinance text.

You can print the Open Access Petition here and drop it off at SEMO.net or call for us to come by at 686.1124.

  1. jerry mcdowell

    it fall under the same category as trash collection i read a printed circular stating a out of state trash service had moved in. closed 2 land fills down forced one trash service to empty at dexter at a higher price. while the outside service offered attractive prices . at the same time cost local jobs. if the citizens of poplar bluff mo does not get behind this and fight city hall for open access . they will have full control as I S P full control of the price!!! competition controls prices at a cheaper price. a monopoly controlled isp===higher prices . WAKE UP poplar bluff ,mo!!

  2. out-of-towner

    Although I no longer live in Poplar Bluff, I am ashamed to say that I’m from there. I’m very disappointed in some people I know on the city council. I really thought they were better people than what I’m reading and hearing . Greedy, greedy, greedy. Brian is one of the first people to bring the internet to Poplar Bluff; he should be applauded, not disgraced l ike this.

  3. Jeffrey

    It really upset me tonight when I read the front page of the newspaper and seen that once again the city council has behaved inappropriately. First off they know that they will lose when this goes to the election so they are making it as hard as possible. I do not understand why this has not been at the top of every deal seeking individual. Bust up the monopoly before it gets out of hand. Citizens stand up and take an extra 20 minutes to contact your friends and get this on the ballet. If this does not happen the city has no competition and no reason to keep prices low. City Council shame on you. You need to be ousted real soon.

  4. jerry mcdowell

    can i sign it living in doniphan? this does not surprise me . they will find another reason after this ! there is more to this than open access ..what next city owned gas stations? THINK ABOUT IT