Well, I'm In The Paper Again...

Nov 06, 2012

It appears that Mr Bagby has decided to retaliate against me for my desire to defeat this ill-conceived ballot measure for the City of Poplar Bluff. And now I’m in the sights of the Poplar Bluff Police department. I was given a ticket today because “a city employee” says they saw me putting flyers on cars…once I get permission from legal counsel I’ll be happy to blog about that…but I think it would be wise to leave that one alone at this time. Suffice it to say that I don’t believe I did anything wrong.

It’s curious though, in their zealousness to incriminate me, after taking photos of the “VOTE NO on $20,000,000 SEWER TAX” campaign signs the police officers took down those campaign signs. Is it really legal for the police to take down campaign signs that are right next to other campaign signs?

Lucky for me I have a video camera on my telephone…

  1. Oris Swearingin

    I’m thinking the City is taking full advantage of this last election. Thinking if Obama can do anything he wants, so can we despite what’s it right. After council I would put up more if possible and for me, I would make a contribution too such. I don’t live in the City and this may not affect me unless I want to use the restroom at McDonalds but I do put my two cents in when I see people getting away with bullying with other people’s money.

  2. billy

    as i sit here thinking of the $20,000,000.00 i also remember another “steamrolling” and its the biggest building i can think of on 5th street, wasnt the “plea” for 8 million (m/L) and came in at a whopping 14+ million, many were against that but houses were condemed, people were made to relocate all in the name of progress.

    its been to long for me to recall, but was that funded by tax dollars?
    did trcc offer to provided the property for the building site for little if not nothing?
    i recall some angry citizens during that time, somewhat similar to this situation, i guess they at least threw out the 8 mil. number and described what you were getting, just failed to somehow realize it was going to take another 6+ million to finish.

    could the same happen with the sewer tax or bond?

    has that place returned any revenue back to the general fund, or is it struggling to reach capacity?

  3. billy

    jeffery, i did misread the first post by brian, he called me on it and that was my fault, but no harm no foul i simply made a mistake….have you ever made one?. and i have a post priior to the one stating i admire his zeal, im in no way against him or this cause, hes the one speaking of seeking legal advice and im willing to bet it comes at a cash price, my opinion was if you placed the signs your guilty, however i misread it, again…my fault on that issue.
    how do you find me to be negative to brian when i told the truth? let me say it this way: brian i hope you hire f.lee bailey and they name the town after you once you win, but i,m still of the opinion you are not going to beat city hall..on anything and i direct that to anyone that tries, that is only my opinion. i have only seen it done once, and i have known of several attempts.

    what you aren’t thinking about is the outside political persons, not just city officials. if you really believe the laws are determined by city officials only and not in part determined using persons with political influence which dont work for the city your wrong.

    brian, im not against you, i dont even know you to speak of, but you have the ability to send me a p.m, if you do i will respond by p.m, i may have more correct info than jeffery would believe, but it isnt all coming out in a blog

  4. Denise

    I heard a cop pulled the sign saying vote no on the sewer issue on Charlton lane and was laughing about it. With the Sheriff setting right there laughing with them. I would say this is not funny thing and I hope they can get in trouble for that. Everyone else can put ad signs up but not to say to say no to the city. This should be very unlawful!!!!!!!!

    1. Brian Becker

      Yes, we have photos, video and the newspaper reported last night that the my signs were seized. Our proof is for Wards 1,2,4.

  5. Jeffrey

    Billy whose side are you on your first post was as far as the flyers……your guilty,it an ordinance that has been on the books many decades, and has been used on others, your not the first, besides you have admitted it here to compound your issues. save your legal defense fund for that one……put your legal defense money toward finding out about the signs

    Your last post was oh yea, i do admire your zeal. I failed to say that earlier and i hope your the next successful person to “fight city hall”.

    Whose got the spatula that is causing you to flip flop all over the place. You are negative and have been negative. You are an accuser of brian and then discouraging him from fighting city hall then you tell him you hope he does fight and you admire his zeal. Just stop your comments they are 100% non value added. It offers up nothing but confusion. If you think someone should fight the city hall stop saying “I hope you do”. Get off you computer and get behind Brian and help the community. Regardless of what people want to believe, what Brian is doing is a part of a bigger picture. The City has leadership that is not being straight forward with the people. Everything that Brian said about the sewer was correct. They can’t officially have a 20 million dollar project without getting the first quote. Now the people from the city have agreed to pay the 20 million for a project that may only cost 2 million. As for Jason if you live in the city and you are of age to pay utilities then the joke is on you.

  6. Barbara

    billy …. yeap, you’re right. One really can’t fight city hall because they do make the rules. I was just hoping that some day we’d have city leaders that we didn’t have to fight to get a few scraps of information before they spend OUR money. The original DAR article about the 20 million dollar bond issue came across as a threat…..pass it now or else. Those I’ve spoken with concerning the bond issue think we deserve better information….our leaders should too.

  7. billy

    oh yea, i do admire your zeal. I failed to say that earlier and i hope your the next successful person to “fight city hall”.

  8. billy

    the old saying “you cant fight city hall, is in place for a reason, people have tried in the past with very little success, the only person i remember winniing against city hall in a fight that had substance and the winning stood firm, was mr. c. hodge.

    they will steamroll roll you each and every time, unless you wish to spend alot of cash for nothing……(god this hurts) do as Mr. Romney did, and concede quietly my opinion is once they sink their teeth into you they wont let go just for spite, and in the long run your just not going to beat the people in charge of making the rules…..p.s your not the first to try, and others have had equally if not better chances of winning.

  9. Barbara

    I’m waiting for the City leaders to understand that this isn’t about Brian. It is about the fact that there are many citizens of Poplar Bluff who want details and more information when you ask us to pay more taxes. We deserve time to ask those questions before an election. Our desire for this information should be respected. I don’t feel that we would have even received an explanation which Doug Bagby wrote in his letter to the editor concerning the sewer tax if Brian hadn’t challenged him. Please be sure to keep us up-to-date….step-by-step about how this $20 million dollars is spent. It’s OUR money.

  10. Angie

    Exactly Denise….I don’t exactly see that as something to jump for joy over. And seriously Jason…how old are you, 5?

  11. Denise

    What are the people of Poplar Bluff just not informed. :-( They voted to increase their sewer bills by over 70%. lol Glad I live in the county. ;-)

  12. Jason

    HAHAHA score 1 for the city and 0 for brian. YOU LOSE Brian go tell your mommy about it maybe she will care.

  13. jerry

    City of Poplar Bluff Water & Sewage Bond
    > Yes 3,171 59%
    No 2,180 41%

  14. Jeffrey

    I had the same flyer put on my vehicle but it wasn’t Brian that put it on it was an older woman.

  15. billy

    as far as the flyers……your guilty,it an ordinance that has been on the books many decades, and has been used on others, your not the first, besides you have admitted it here to compound your issues. save your legal defense fund for that one……put your legal defense money toward finding out about the signs

    1. Brian Becker

      But if we are strictly talking about the ordinance on attaching handbills to vehicles is specifically about advertising…and I don’t see how they can apply that to Canvassers.

    2. Brian Becker

      I think you misread my post. I said I don’t think I did anything wrong…that doesn’t mean I’m saying I did (or didn’t) hand out any flyers…just that I don’t think I have done anything wrong.