What Does The City Council's Decision Mean For Semo.net?

Jul 22, 2010

semo.net has been around since 1995. Long before City Cable provided Internet service…semo.net was here…and for years to come, semo.net will continue to provide great Internet service in our area.

Of course this move by the city is disappointing. And in this economy, it would not be fair to say this isn’t going to be detrimental to our current business model. But remember that the same ingenuity that created & sustained semo.net is still at work within our staff.

Yes, this is a huge blow to our company, but we will continue to provide great service. We will work hard to traverse these “bumps in the road”. Only time will prove out what I’m saying, but don’t accept the rumors of our demise.

As a way of showing support, you could ask your friends to switch to semo.net’s cable Internet offering (our Cable Internet offering is available everywhere City Cable TV service is available). It will be less expensive than what they are currently paying. Until Open Access is not available, they will have the same great service you have. So one way of pushing back would be with the wallet.

And as an added benefit, if they mention your name when switching over, we’ll give you that same low promotional rate:
Rookie Single Meg (1Mb) service for $29.95
Pro Double Meg (2Mb) service for $44.95
All Star Triple Meg (3Mb) service for $59.95

A second way of pushing back would be with your voice. Anyone and everyone is invited to attend the City Council meetings. The next meeting is on the first Monday of August (2nd) at 7pm. Every citizen is allowed between 5 and 10 minutes to speak during the “Citizen’s Input” section at the beginning of the meeting.

If you think Open Access needs to be a part of our community, then go to the Council and tell them why. That’s your right as a citizen that lives or works in the city of Poplar Bluff.

What does City Council’s decision mean for semo.net? We get to prove once again to the community that we can adapt, respond and grow in the face of adversity.

I can assure you that my staff says: Bring it on! >grin<


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  1. Linda

    If semo.net needs a vote of encouragement, let me be the first. They’ve always treated me honestly and fairly, and I’ll stick with them, even if it means going back to dial-up.

    1. Brian Becker

      Honestly, what we need is for people to call the Council members and, dare I say, go to the City Council meeting on August 2nd and voice your opinion. Your opportunity to speak is at the beginning of the meeting.

  2. jerry

    dang the torpedoes full speed ahead good by to the free market hello to monopolized markets