What is the cost of a Megabit in the City?

Jul 20, 2010

The city of Poplar Bluff just passed an ordinance that says a Megabit on their network costs $1051 when sold to an ISP.

Yes, that’s right, a business can purchase a 3Meg Cable Account from MyCityCable for $99/month (or $33 per Megabit), but when sold to an ISP, that 3 Megabits costs $3153.

AT&T charges ISPs and large businesses $22 per Megabit
Level3 charges $45 per Megabit in Poplar Bluff
Level3 charges $12.50 per Megabit in St Louis

  1. jerry

    nobody wants to branch out dsl out side city limits . its called the squeeze

  2. Heather

    Why can they charge more per megabit to ISPs than to other consumers? Do they charge more for electricity to the satelite TV providers located within the city limits? After all, they are city cable competitors too…

  3. Jim

    Any news networks pick up on this yet? Would be a great one for KFVS12 or the network out of Jonesboro. Any way to force a public vote, Brian?

  4. Anna Nemity

    Can’t semo just buy from AT&T and say the hell with the city?