Where Is The Travel Industry?

Nov 21, 2010

With Americans up in arms about the new security procedures of the TSA, one would expect that the industry most affected by these measures to speak out. But after clicking through page after page of Google search results, I couldn’t find any airlines making statements against these travel-hindering moves. One could assume that the airlines appreciate the broader lines drawn in the sand, but the loud voice of protest by the pilots and flight attendants seems to trump that argument.

This leads to an interesting question, though: Why would the airline industry be totally silent about something that would keep travelers from looking forward to heading to the airport?

Reports several weeks ago by ATA stated that almost a million more travelers were going to enter the doors of U.S. airports during the five-day Thanksgiving holiday.

Two reasons come to mind for their silence: They are reluctant for speaking out about these search-measures for fear it would exacerbate the problem and keep travelers from completing flights; or, they can accommodate even more travelers if some of their reservations choose to stay home.

Either way, after this busy travel week ends, I suspect we’ll finally hear from the industry most affected by these new, invasive procedures.

  1. rodney edwards

    why would a business whom everytime a plane blows up it cost them millions in liability payments, complain about something that reduces the odds of there loosing more milllions to law suits?