Windows XP and Webmail Compatibility Issues

Jun 30, 2014

First of all, we are excited that our webmail system has been upgraded. One of the newest features is that you now have access to a calendar within webmail. I am convinced that the more you use our new webmail service, the more you will find uses for the new calendar feature.

The new and improved Webmail is not very compatible with Windows XP’s Internet Explorer. Microsoft ended all of their support of Windows XP back in March of this year, Internet Explorer cannot be upgraded on Windows XP past version 7, and the new security measures of our new Webmail are not compatible with Internet Explorer 7. Older Mac users using an older version of Safari browser are having similar problems.

Some customers have reported that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser have fixed their problem once they got one of those browsers installed on their Windows XP computer.

We understand this is frustrating, but security is a prime concern in today’s world and we support our email vendor’s efforts to make the webmail system more secure. Microsoft’s decision to end the life of Windows XP after twelve years is at the heart of the issue. At the same time, an operating system that has lasted 12 years is also an amazing feat.

  1. G Sulivan

    Brian, I also forgot to mention I use Mozilla Firefox, I think Internet Explorer is a joke with dial-up and i don’t even use it where I have access to DSL.

  2. Paul Mondy

    I was impressed with the fact that SEMO.NET is upgrading their system. Unfortunately, to use your dial up system, My only option of internet here in Fisk is dial up. You have discontinued your wireless internet. AT&T informs me that even for broadband they would have to upgrade the telephone system for our area. (translation: both soup cans and the string would all have to be replaced in their switching office). The only other option is Direct TV and I can’t really afford that service. So, now I am told that you are upgrading your system so that my email system on XP will not work properly. So, I am supposed to do what? Purchase a new computer system for several hundred dollars? I am still using my XP for the simple reason.. that is what I own. Thanks for the upgrade.. I’m sure the folks in the big cities will be very happy. However, Fisk is not a big city.

    1. Brian Becker

      Paul, I feel your pain. I’ve lived in rural Missouri my whole life. And for the past 19 years, has tried to provide Internet wherever it wasn’t. Sadly, we can no longer do wireless service. As for the new upgraded webmail, we have been told by our vendor it is for security reasons that the older browsers are now being rejected. Have you tried downloading chrome and seeing if it works for you?

      1. G Sullivan

        Brian, I am in the same boat as Paul but he can try using Mozilla Thunderbird to get his e-mail. I use it all the time and I just used it to check my mail right before reading these comments. I hardly ever use the web mail to check my mail because it is to slow. I use it at work because we have DSL. I am using an old e-machine with XP SP3 and I have 2 laptops with XP. I am not changing until it is absolutely necessary. I will be SOL if they ever build an os that is not compatible with dial-up.