Apr 10, 2013

Okay, this is just weird. With the city in the middle of an eminent domain lawsuit and with more property still remaining to be purchased along Oak Grove Road… The City’s Appraisers – Smith & Co Appraisers – are shutting their departmental doors and closing up operation. Every appraisal of property I’ve seen on the Oak Grove Road project has been performed by Smith & Co (well, except for the “flipper’s” property which was appraised by a local individual).

I just called Smith & Co and asked for their appraisal department. I believe I spoke to Connie Roe because she identified herself as Connie and as a certified appraiser. She said she could not perform any more local appraisals because as of Friday they are shutting down that department.

This is crazy timing. There are really only a few reasons a company would shut down before a task is completed.

Contact me if you have more information at 573.778.6500.


If you are a certified appraiser who has looked at some of the appraisals being done by the City’s Appraisers, please call and give me your input on the validity of the appraisals. We will never reveal a source if requested, complete anonymity.

  1. KCB

    I’m thinkin Smith and Co are realizing the city will throw them under the bus when it comes time to fess up on the underhanded dealings coming out of the eight point project and the future completion of Shelby Road from PP to Hiway 53.Time for them to get out while the getting is good? Yes the plot is very thick!!

  2. CAF

    HMMMM, The plot just thickens and thickens…. We shall see what we shall see in the end. People are finally questioning the actions of the council…. Bout damn Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!