• Between the TDD, TIF, Sewer Bond and Road construction I was told our city will be $100,000,000 more in debt at the end of this year than 18 months before. DO WE REALLY WANT THAT? That's sounds more like Washington D.C. NOT POPLAR BLUFF! Over the last few years I've become more and more aware of the wasteful spending of Municipal Utilities. Just ask someone in the know one of these questions: How much money does the City LOSE from the Plum Point Energy Plant in Arkansas? How much money do we LOSE by having our own electric generator that doesn't operate but a few times a year?

    Oct 26,
  • According to Bill Bach, Municipal Utilities General Manager, the average utility bill will be increased from $16.34 to $28.44 if the City of Poplar Bluff votes YES to the Sewer Bond this November. That is a 75% (SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT!!!) increase every month!!!! That's $2900 each over the term of the bond! And why do we need these sewer improvements?

    Oct 24,

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