• It seems nearly impossible to fathom that someone as brilliant and funny as Robin Williams could be so tortured emotionally that he takes himself out of the human race. Yet, last week, one by one, each of us across the whole globe, fixed our attention on the sad news of this beloved actor’s suicide. Sometimes, a blip of news in the vast sea of information we are bombarded with daily, seems to slap us so hard in the face that we can almost hear the collective groan rippling through space and time. Then we all try our best to reckon with reality. And what a devastating reality Robin Williams’ death reveals - that someone who, by his very nature, brought

    Aug 26,
  • RESULTS: 9U Division 1st - NEA Crush 2nd - Paragould Renegades 10U Division 1st - Orient Miners 2nd - Dexter Heat 12U Division 1st - PB Redbirds 2nd - SEMO Wildcats ========================================= With 12 teams competing from 3 states, you will see some of the next generation of baseball stars competing in the 9, 10 and 12 year old divisions. Come down and support your local area teams! 9U DIVISION: Scheduled games on Saturday, May 31 9am - PB Crushers vs PB Muddogs 11am - Crush (Arkansas) vs Muddogs 1pm - Crushers vs Renegade (Arkansas) 3pm - Crush vs Crushers 5pm - Muddogs vs Renegade 7pm - Crush vs Renegade 10U DIVISION: Scheduled games on Saturday, May 31 9am -

    May 29,
  •   "We want to get the word out to people in New Mexico, Colorado and Missouri. You can drive a short way and enjoy a great family experience on your vacation and save money at the same time.” ---Chuck Mai, American Automobile Association’s Oklahoma Spokesman, on vacationing in Sooner Country this year Maybe you’ve seen it: The American Auto Association publishes a TourBook travel guide that lists the most and least expensive U.S. vacation spots in a given year. The good news for Missourians is that some of AAA's least-expensive travel destinations for 2008 are not wildly far from where we live!

    May 29,
  • Hi! Thanks for taking a break from your holiday festivities to check out what’s cookin’ here at semo.net on this Memorial Day holiday! We thought it would be best on this day to share reminders of how the holiday came to be, and of what it was, in fact, established to commemorate. For the holiday today, we may have traveled some distance to enjoy the company of family and friends; now, we may go the barbeque/four-wheeler/fishing/boating/picnicking/Branson route---trying to squeeze every bit of excitement we can out of these precious moments away from the daily grind!

    May 26,
  • “I really do believe [a certain U.S. presidential hopeful]…wants to change the U.S. into a third world country. That is pretty much what [the candidate] said the other day when chastising us for using too much energy.” — Posted by “S. Henderson”, #31 New York Times, “The Caucus” Blog  May 21, 2008   “The candidate”, as you may have discerned, might have been John McCain or Barack Obama; both have spoken at some length on conservation in their campaigns. But our discussion here is not a political one; so let us rather, for a moment, take a closer look at the reality-challenged “S. Henderson” for possible insights into our own energy future.

    May 24,
  • “If you think $40 a barrel is bad, wait till it reaches $60, then $80 then $100 plus. The golden age of cheap and plentiful fuel is over, so we’d better get used to it.” --Posted by “Rob” from New Zealand BBC News Blog May 24, 2004   http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/talking_point/3736917.stm   Jeepers! "Rob" really called it, didn't he? Way back in 2004!  Well, in 2008, you don't need a crystal ball to see that there's no way around this: We've got to rethink the whole business of "getting from here to there" so that it can work to our advantage, and not our detriment.

    May 22,

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