• It seems nearly impossible to fathom that someone as brilliant and funny as Robin Williams could be so tortured emotionally that he takes himself out of the human race. Yet, last week, one by one, each of us across the whole globe, fixed our attention on the sad news of this beloved actor’s suicide. Sometimes, a blip of news in the vast sea of information we are bombarded with daily, seems to slap us so hard in the face that we can almost hear the collective groan rippling through space and time. Then we all try our best to reckon with reality. And what a devastating reality Robin Williams’ death reveals - that someone who, by his very nature, brought

    Aug 26,
  • Yet another week in the great outdoors has passed, and my freezer is not any fuller than it was. We have worked as hard as any father-son combo since Archie Manning bought Peyton his first football, and yet, we are without our first “W”, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. We hunted every day of muzzleloader season except for Christmas, and that was only because of family commitments that were too far from our spot. I worked every day until 2pm or so and then headed north, and my wife has dressed him and brought him south to meet me so as to have more time in the woods. I didn’t expect to be able to hunt

    Dec 29,
  • Unless it is high school baseball season, I read two pages of the DAR - page 1A and 4A. I read page 1A to see what stories Dpnna Farley writes about the city and page 4A to read people's reactions. Page 1A - The Boy Who Cried Wolf The fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf dates back to hundreds of years before Jesus and is part of Aesop's Fables. As the story goes, the boy tending the sheep continued to lie about a vicious wolf. Each day's scream of "Wolf!" brought less and less villagers out until none at all would come running when a wolf actually did slip into the fold. One of the most profound statements I hear these

    Dec 26,
  • The Junior Beta Club of the Poplar Bluff 5th & 6th Grade Center recently donated more than 400 toys and over $1,200 to Project Christmas Promise, as the result of a toy and penny drive that ran from Nov.17-Dec. 12. Project Christmas Promise is a gift donation program sponsored by AmeriCorps. Volunteers work through school counselors in Butler County to identify families in need of assistance during the holiday.  

    Dec 23,
  • The Mules Booster Club has selected Poplar Bluff High School Cross-Country standout Katie Sliger and Soccer star Jose Reyes as Athletes of the Month for November. Reyes, a senior, ended the Mules Soccer season with 359 saves, eight penalty kick saves and 10 shutouts. He was selected as goalie for the All-Regional, the All-Conference and All-District first team, and the All-State second team. Freshman Sliger was a Sectional qualifier and earned the sixth place All-District honor. Her personal record for the 5K is 20 minutes and 52 seconds. She maintains a 10.857 grade point average.

    Dec 23,
  • When we started this giveaway, SEMO.net had 14 likes. Now we have 237...that's awesome! We'd like to get to 1000 before the end of January, let's see how possible that is. For those who want to do something similar in the future, I thought I'd explain the easiest way to select a random person from a list...in this case a "Likes" list off of Facebook. First, I went to a one of the many random number generator sites...I like random.org. I entered 1 as the lower limit and 237 (the total number of likes we have) as the upper limit. Then I personally selected a random number...I try to keep this number below 20. I picked twelve and entered 12 as the

    Dec 22,
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