• It seems nearly impossible to fathom that someone as brilliant and funny as Robin Williams could be so tortured emotionally that he takes himself out of the human race. Yet, last week, one by one, each of us across the whole globe, fixed our attention on the sad news of this beloved actor’s suicide. Sometimes, a blip of news in the vast sea of information we are bombarded with daily, seems to slap us so hard in the face that we can almost hear the collective groan rippling through space and time. Then we all try our best to reckon with reality. And what a devastating reality Robin Williams’ death reveals - that someone who, by his very nature, brought

    Aug 26,
  • Sometimes, the universe just seems to align itself in perfect order for a set of events to come about. For organizers of the Iron Mountain Market, that’s the way it seemed when they realized that July 4 was going to fall on a Saturday, a natural market day, and then that it also happened to be the market’s monthly Yard Sale Day. “We got to thinking about it,” explained organizer Rhonda Belcher, “and we thought….hey….why not just make one huge day of it! We can even watch the fireworks from the market at the train depot!” So…the event has turned into a “Block Party”. “We just felt this was the perfect time for neighbors and friends to visit with one

    Jun 29,
  • It’s going to be a day full of music, beauty pageants, and fireworks next Saturday as the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce sponsors its annual Fourth of July Celebration at Doniphan’s Riverfront Park. Music is going to take center stage at this event following the pageant, and will include Black River Blues Bad, Nashville entertainer Scott Shipley, Bad JJ, and Jayen Andrews, who was the winner of the Billy Yates Hearts for the Arts Scholarship. Darin Stevens of the Black River Blues Band says the “Red, White and Blues” entertainment program is a dream of his that has been several years in the making. “Thirty years ago, the band I was playing I opened the Fourth of July Show at

    Jun 28,
  • So what is the verdict on this past weekend’s Music on Main event? Well….the temperatures were hot, but so was the music. “There were times when the street was so full, you could hardly walk through,” said event-organizer Randy Bailey. “The kids were having a blast in the Kids’ Zone, and folks gathered around for the Stars on Main Karaoke, and the two music stages looked and sounded great. We hosted a lot of very gifted local and regional bands.” Bailey said the event brought together the perfect mix of culture, music and vendors. Asked if weather hurt attendance, both from having to be rescheduled from its May date, and then Saturday’s hot and humid weather, Bailey said he didn’t

    Jun 24,
  • A room full of people were on hand Friday night at the Black River Gallery Ballroom to enjoy an evening of jazz, and to celebrate the birth of Poplar Bluff’s first public radio station. Jazz enthusiasts not only had the chance to hear a style of music they don’t frequently get to enjoy in Poplar Bluff, but more importantly, it gave them the opportunity to connect with one another, and plan for the growth of a new musical and arts and entertainment community in Poplar Bluff. Lead vocalist for the Black River Jazz Orchestra was Judi Richardson-Rockwell, who is not only a singer of jazz, but a lover of it. “It was just so nice to be able to come

    Jun 20,
  • One of my favorite hunting seasons is about to begin. When the squirrels begin to feed on hickory nuts and acorns, I love to go and bag a few for the frying pan. With my legs like they are from years of hunting, I do not walk too much as it is too easy for me to go down and a lot harder to get up. There have been a lot of stories that I have heard and participated in regarding squirrel hunting. Probably the best one was from Missouri Conservation Commission Agent Chet Barnes. He was one of the best and most fair game wardens (now they prefer to be known as Conservation Commission agents) that I have ever

    Jun 20,

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