• Is it spring yet? Now that we have the deer in the freezer, the only thing that’s on my mind is crappie fishing, and maybe a bit of snow goose blasting! First off, I want to say thanks to everyone who called or emailed congratulating us on FINALLY getting my son’s first deer. It’s comforting to know that some of y’all were going through the struggle with me! If you really want to see a kid (and a dad and papa) extremely happy and proud, go to www.joshgowanoutdoors.com and watch the video. You will understand exactly why I drug my son all over the place, spending time and money to try to give him his opportunity to take his first

    Jan 22,
  • With the closing of the Duck season in the Southern Zone there is not too much game left to pursue.  Rabbit and squirrel seasons continue until February 14.  That leaves the light goose season which runs until April 30.  Almost all those geese have left the area before that date. One season that is not too popular is that of shedd hunting.  I have seen it listed with a single d but usually I use two d's to distinguish it from woodshed activity.  Most youngsters don’t know what I am talking about but while I was growing up, you wanted to avoid what took place in the woodshed! Searching for deer antlers that have been shed by bucks in late

    Jan 21,
  • Seventh grader Dillon Rice won a 32-inch flat screen television for having perfect attendance for the entire first semester at Poplar Bluff Junior High School. Dillon was among 65 students who were entered into a drawing on Thursday, Jan. 15, for maintaining flawless attendance. The students were also treated to a pizza party, as part of a new incentive program the Junior High has initiated in order to help boost attendance. The prize was made possible through a $600 donation from Ronald McDonald House Charities, which was presented by school board president Steve Sells earlier this month. A total of three TVs were purchased with the funds so the drawing can continue over the next two semesters. Smaller prizes

    Jan 21,
  • We did it!!! 500 likes on our SEMO.net Facebook page! Our contest details started with 10 gift cards if we reached our goal by the 8th of January, 9 cards if by the 10th, 8 if by the 12th, all the way down to 5 if by the 18th. Since we did this before the 18th, we are giving away 5 - $25 gift cards, one to each of the following people. Debbie Worley Martin Tawana Barger Tonya McCollom Amber Schisler Karen Wilkerson-Paukner Each winner can select their own gift card from any of the great ones on Amazon.com which includes Applebees, Burger King, Starbucks, Texas Roadhouse, etc. Stay tuned, we'll be running another contest to get us to 1000

    Jan 17,
  • There’s no way I can fit all of this in one article, but after 24 hunts in Kentucky and Missouri without getting a shot, we’d conceded defeat, until I got a call from a buddy in Mississippi. At around 4:30, I saw what looked like a deer way out in the green field. After looking through my binoculars I saw that it was a doe, and got Jameson's gun up for him. I generally wouldn't let him take a shot that far, but we’d had a tough season without him ever firing a shot, and he was confident that he was on her. The first squeeze of the trigger resulted in a “click”, as I hadn't turned the safety off,

    Jan 14,

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