• Poplar Bluff High School senior Lydia Keller has been awarded $2,300 in scholarships for her achievements both in and outside of the classroom. Keller, 18, received the Mary Lynn Wolpers Scholarship, which was established in 2007 for graduating seniors. She also received the Poplar Bluff School Foundation Scholarship reserved for a past or present graduate planning to become a teacher. Keller will study early childhood education at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro.

    Apr 29,
  • UPDATE: The state-ranked Bears move to 15-0 after a 7-4 win over Neelyville Tigers and secure the OFC Title unless a make-up game is scheduled with East Carter. It was not hard to notice a man with a blue VC baseball cap holding a radar gun at the games. The Greenville pitchers and team was being scouted during the game by Valle Catholic. Trey McDaniel pitched 6 innings, striking out 10 batters, 6 hits and 4 walks on 3 earned runs. Blakeney Kearbey (who had pitched 7 innings in Monday's game versus Clearwater) came in as the closer in the last inning facing only 3 batters with a strikeout and two ground outs. According to the radar gun, Kearbey's fastball

    Apr 29,
  • Duane Lester, of the Missouri Torch, has written an excellent article exposing an exchange between a citizen and Missouri State Board of Education member, Michael W. Jones, during a hearing on April 20th, in Jefferson City. The hearing was mandated by HB 1490 which calls for the state board to hear testimony on the progress of the 1490 state standards work groups, as well as public comment. Parent and Common Core State Standard Initiative opponent John Beckett is seen on the video screen as he testifies before the state board in the adjacent room. The Common Core opponents were put in the room next to the actual hearing room where they had to watch the testimony on a big screen while waiting to be led

    Apr 28,
  • Anytime there is a lot of buzz about a new business, especially a restaurant, I get curious. I’m always wondering if the buzz is being created because it is brand new? Or is the food really that good? Any new restaurant, especially in a fairly small community like Poplar Bluff, is going to get heavy traffic at first. The question is, once people have tried it out, will they keep coming back? So I had to try out Taco Taco Fast Fresh Mex, a new restaurant opened close to the intersection of Highway 53 and Highway 142. One of the first things to intrigue me was the location. There aren’t a whole lot of restaurant choices on that side of

    Apr 25,
  • Susan has given birth! Rejoice! First of all, Susan is my favorite creature on this farm after my kids and husband.  She’s loving, smart, funny, and it turns out she’s a pretty darn good mama. Susan is a pig. Susan was born on this place last March during a very cold snap in our first litter of piglets.  I was such a newbie farmer; I actually missed the wedding of one of my good friends from high school to stay at home and fuss over my sow and piglets.  She was one of a litter of eight, pretty average, and just randomly ended up being one of the piglets we kept.  As she matured a very distinct personality developed.  She

    Apr 23,

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