• Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explain the City’s new vacation incentive program. After reading the Daily American Republic article titled “Spaghetti-Gate”, I felt I needed to respond to inform the public about the program and my rationale behind offering the program. I am a member of Rotary and the idea of exchanging a purchased dinner ticket for a day off was born when I wanted to do two things: 1. Improve employee morale, which in turn increases productivity. 2. Help raise money for a local non-profit. Why is this important? I’ll give you two examples: 1. Some employees working for the street department worked for two days during the heavy snow days to clear the City streets.

    Apr 02,
  • During the recent winter weather which gave just about everyone the bad case of “Cabin Fever” there was plenty of time to reflect on things of the past and look forward to the coming of spring and outdoor activities.  Spring has finally arrived and with it some of the hazards of being outdoors and spending time with the normal things people do to get ready for an active summer.  Ticks are out. I did a lot of thinking of things that have happened to me during past winters and they included a lot of activity that was not figured as crazy when they happened.  However, as I look back, some of the things were not too bright and some even

    Apr 01,

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