• It all depends on how you look at it, but did March come in like a lion or a mouse?  We had rain, snow, ice, and extremely cold weather.  Things could have been worse, but by the same token, things could have been a lot better as we could have had balmy weather with normal temperatures.  I would say that March came in like a lion-hopefully it will go out like a lamb as it is supposed to. This month’s words of wisdom are in the form of a warning.  Usually I can pick out a good topic to write about but this time the warning comes because a recent Saturday started out to include the worst 30 minutes I

    Mar 05,
  • If you have “Cabin Fever”, you just might find a cure for it on March 14 at the Heartland Gobblers chapter of the National Wild Turkey Foundation’s annual fund-raising dinner and auction. Doors are set to open at 5pm and the dinner starts at 7.  Ticket prices are $45 for single, $60 for couple, $265 sponsor, $650 Table, and Jakes are $20. The NWTF motto is “Dedicated to Making a Difference”.  Since 1973, the NWTF and its partners have raised and spent more than $331 million to conserve 15.9 million acres of habitat for all types of wildlife.  In addition to wild turkeys, a multitude of species such as quail, woodcock, ruffed grouse, prairie chickens, pheasants, and white-tail deer benefit

    Mar 04,
  • Duck hunting at Green Oaks east of Fisk, south of Highway 60 was very popular as the timber flooded just about every fall and the ducks used the area for feeding.   Mallards in particular used the areas under the oak trees for their food.  That area now is farmland but the memories about hunting remain as fresh as if they just happened. One trip over there, Dad came upon a trapper who was looking for a trap he had set on a log in that area and couldn’t locate the log where he’d made the set. Dad had seen the set and also the mink that was in the trap.  The trapper had a tow-sack with some coon he had

    Feb 24,
  • Trapping… Just after I finished my last article on the signs of spring, I got another portent of the coming season.  I looked up and saw a sky full of geese.  There must have been thousands that were flying high overhead and heading north.  The northern migration has begun.  Just another sign spring isn’t too far away. Now for some words of wisdom about the outdoor activity of trapping fur bearers.  My first experience came while I was in grade school.  Dad set a few traps in Black River to catch a little game.  There are always some mink and muskrats along any river and the Black was no exception.  Dad used a boat to make the sets and run

    Feb 21,
  • With most hunting seasons closed, there isn’t too much outdoor hunting going on except for rabbits, squirrels and light geese.  I have not heard of much activity with geese but there has been a tremendous amount of them flying overhead the last 10 days or more.  Last Saturday, in particular, our dog stayed on the tailgate of our old pickup and kept her eyes on the sky.  The birds were so high I couldn’t see them but there was an occasional honk that was carried to me on the wind so they were in the air. With walleye fishing and the hardy winter crappie anglers fighting the wind and cold, there is very little fishing activity on most days. The

    Feb 18,

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