• Our latest edition of the SEMO TIMES is dedicated to our veterans. Thank you for your service! Pg 2 - From the Publisher's Desk - Brian Becker Pg 5 - The Echos of "Taps" - Tammy Hilderbrand Pg 6 - John J. Pershing VA Medical Center Pg 7 - Sergeant Shepard, Army National Guard at Kuwait Pg 8-9 - Centerfold of Veterans Day Ceremony at Missouri Veterans Cemetery Pg 12-13 - The Vietnam Vets Reminisce Pg 14 - Wisdom from the Woods Pg 15 - Book Review of Blackdeath 23 http://issuu.com/semo.times/docs/20141113_-_veterans

    Nov 15,
  • This week’s “You Paid For It” (or YPFI for short) is a twofer worth over $2.7M. First, a quick one from the recently published newsletter issued by the Poplar Bluff City Manager, Heath Kaplan. On Nov. 4, Kaplan released an eleven-page document “to provide information to our community regarding financial decisions I have made thus far and the reasoning behind those decisions.” The final six pages of the document include 18 responses to non-factual information reported in the editorial of the Rust-owned daily (also known as the DAR). Buried on page eleven, an amazing fact about Health Insurance reads: Last year the decision was made (past city manager) to fund the plan at rates that were 35% lower than the

    Nov 13,
  • SEMO TIMES is pleased to announce a new advertiser: Historic Downtown Dexter Association. This Friday they will be holding their Moonlight Madness event and on December 6 they will be hosting Christmas Open House and Polar Express Experience. For more information, check out our Downtown Dexter issue.

    Nov 13,
  • After a 10-year, 6.4 billion kilometer journey (3.9 billion miles), the European lander made contact and began securing itself to the 4 kilometer in diameter (4374 yards) comet. Photos are being successfully transmitted but have not be released yet. Read the full and updated report at on the BBC News site.

    Nov 12,
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