• WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Jason Smith voted in favor of H.R. 5759, the Executive Amnesty Prevention Act of 2014, which passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 219-197-3. The bill blocks the president from using executive orders to postpone deportation of illegal aliens. Congressman Jason Smith took to the House floor earlier today to speak about the president’s executive overreach. The video of the congressman’s remarks is attached and may also be viewed on his YouTube Channel here. Transcript: “On March 28, 2011, President Obama said he would not use an executive order for amnesty explaining that – and again I quote – “temporary protective status, historically, has been used for special circumstances.” Those are his words. More

    Dec 04,
  • WASHINGTON - Affordable energy options for Missourians may be a thing of the past if President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) place additional burdensome regulations on coal-fired power plants.  Coal is an effective, affordable means of energy that keeps Missouri’s utility rates low.  Right now, EPA officials are attempting to wage war on coal by eliminating or restricting its use in energy production.  This is not only a war on coal; it is an attack on our way of life in rural America. For too long, EPA regulations have unduly burdened all of us who rely on coal-powered energy to competitively operate businesses or farms.  Some experts believe the EPA’s proposed carbon rule will be the most expensive

    Nov 21,
  • Well, it has happened again. President Obama is threatening to use his self-imposed executive authority to take sweeping action the majority of Americans oppose. This time he is talking about granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Congress is back in Washington for the end of this session and hard at work, but instead of working with the House and Senate to find solutions on immigration, President Obama has been telling the media he is considering acting solo. In an exit poll from the November 4th election, The Polling Company, Inc. found that 74 percent of voters want President Obama to work with Congress to fix immigration rather than take action on his own. He must not have gotten the

    Nov 14,
  • 29-year old Brittany Maynard was living on borrowed breath. She was told that the days that stretched out before her were going to be few and fraught with debilitating illness and agony. On New Year’s Day of this year, just fifteen months after her wedding, Brittany was diagnosed with stage IV terminal brain cancer. With no hope in her heart for a cure, only a plan for dying on her own terms, she placed a lethal dose of pills upon her tongue and chose which remaining breaths would be her last. On Saturday, surrounded by her most-loved ones, she said goodbye and went to sleep never to awaken again. What should have been a first year of marriage filled with

    Nov 13,
  • (See our article "In Remembrance of Trees" by Tammy Hilderbrand.) I grew up in Williamsville on a large family farm along Black River named Rolling Shoals Farm. When I was young our farm was 2200 acres and two-thirds of it was forested with beautiful Missouri hardwoods and evergreens. I loved to ride my mini-bike through the woods on the old Forest Service roads or walk across the ridge to my cousin Kenny’s house. Toni and I lived in the old family homestead when we were first married. A friend from Israel, who had grown up in Oklahoma, came to visit. The second he stepped out of his car he bypassed me and went straight to one of the many huge

    Nov 13,

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