• It was 1984 when the first object printer was invented. Now, almost 30 years later the idea of having a 3-d printer in your home that can print plastic, electronic circuitry, electromagnets and even batteries is closer to a reality. Add to that the possibility of having recycling machines in your home which reduces glass, plastic and metal to be used in your printers and we are one step closer to a "Jetson" home. See the original story.

    Mar 10,
    - by semoadmin
  • Ever sent an email to a friend in Gautemala? ...to a hotel in Cancun? ...viewed a webpage from Brazil? Chances are you electronically traveled through this building: one of trillions per seconds. According to this reporter, the amount of data traveling through this NAP (network access point) is the equivalent of streaming 37,000 songs simultaneously. http://youtu.be/WfJCGZeOQrM

    Feb 02,
    - by semoadmin
  • Even though it has been a dream for over 14 years...Amazon has finally gotten record label companies to allow their newest feature called "AutoRip." AutoRip will automatically store MP3s on your Amazon CloudPlayer as soon as you buy a CD from Amazon.com Read more about it from Amazon.com Or from ArsTechnica.com

    Jan 12,

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