• It was the 76th Annual Meeting of the membership of the Ozark Border Electric Cooperative. There was important business conducted, but it was not a typical a business meeting. It had an atmosphere of a family reunion or old time church meeting. Blue Grass music and gospel music filled the Bess Activities Center on the Three Rivers College Campus. Old friends greeted one another; everyone finding time for the picnic lunch and registering to win prizes in the drawing that would be held later. Stanley Estes, General Manager for Ozark Border, says that's exactly the way this meeting is supposed to feel. “Ozark Border is unique. Our customers are actually our members, and it feels like family because many of these people

    Aug 02,
  • This week the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency spent two days in Missouri pushing the agency’s latest attempt to regulate our rural way of life. In the last few years the EPA has attempted to regulate everything from how we meet our energy needs to prohibiting young people from working on the family farm. Just when I thought the EPA could not get any more extreme, now they are trying to place new intrusive and ineffective rules on every body of water in the United States.   In April, the EPA announced it would attempt to expand the regulatory reach of the Clean Water Act through a new “Waters of the United States” plan. The proposed new rule would

    Jul 11,

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