• A friend on facebook, David Sorrell, posted an article he found online regarding the creation of new punctuation marks. The article is whimsical, but honestly, the point the author is making is very true. Our need to be brief has created the need for new kinds of punctuation. Not the silly emoticons people use -- :) ;( ;p -- but there are a number of marks that once defined and added to our keyboard could make typing-communication much easier to understand. I'm not suggesting we add them for traditional writing forms like novels or reports or news, but for texting and emails it would be wonderful to be able to add tone and/or reduce six typed characters down to one

    Feb 21,
    - by semoadmin
  • There is a very funny NFL "bad lip reading" video going around the Internet right now which lead me to watch a "Hunger Games - Bad Lip Reading" video. Embarrassingly  I spewed coffee out of my mouth onto my laptop because of my uncontrolled urge to laugh. So I decided to find a video from the "Bad Lip Reading" people which could be posted on our home page. I hope you can sit back and laugh at our Presidential Candidates along with Jim Lehrer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlwilbVYvUg

    Jan 18,

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