• One of the factors that sets our company apart is our support department. After each trouble ticket with our support team, our customer is sent a survey by email. I am constantly amazed at the number of high praises our team members get (not because they don't deserve it but because human nature's desire to be more vocal over frustrations one would expect frustration to dominate the responses). Though we sometimes get frustrated responses, the overall majority are wonderful praise of our staff. Over the past week, our team dealt with over 200 customer issues and 19 completed the survey for us. Below are the scores given in all 19 surveys and following that are the messages that accompanied the

    Jun 24,
  • [Disclaimer: the following is solely the opinion and perspective of Brian Becker] On May 14th, I was sent a letter from Bill Bach, General Manager of City Cable. The letter stated that my company was exceeding the 8meg bandwidth allotment per the 2001 city ordinance. For that reason, semo.net could not sign up new customers until a new rate was negotiated. Within hours I made a reasonable and fair offer for the overage so that our company could continue doing business and simultaneously work with the City Council to update the old ordinance. My offer was ignored.

    Jun 08,

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