• I've heard that question a lot over the past couple of weeks. My answer is "getting more every day!" First of all, the Open Access Petition now has 500 signatures as of today. That's awesome! One sixth (1/6) of the way to our goal of 3000 after only three weeks. Our efforts are on track for 3000 in Sixty days.

    Aug 11,
  • Goal of 3,000 Signatures in 60 days On Schedule Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Aug 1, 2011: ​​ In one week's time, hundreds of registered voters have lent their support to the cause of Open Access to the broadband internet network in Poplar Bluff, MO. According to the Open Access Petition group, the grassroots movement gathering signatures for the campaign, the petition currently has over ten (10) percent of the 3,000 signatures required to place the issue on the ballot. Volunteers are very pleased with this progress, as this confirms the goal of 3,000 signatures in 60 days is on schedule.

    Aug 01,

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