• There has been a lot of hooplah over Phil Robertson's opinions in GQ. First the twisting of Phil's words to say something he didn't. A&E suspending Phil from future shows only to find out that most of the next season is already "in the can" (completed) and Phil is in all of them. Cracker Barrel taking down all Duck Dynasty products and then less than 48 hours later apologizing to their customers and putting them back up. The flurry of opinions on Facebook over every aspect of the ordeal. It has been a crazy week leading up to Christmas. But a great video was recently released by the group at "I Am Second" which gives you a fuller picture of

    Dec 23,
  • According to the Daily American Republic on Wednesday, December 18, 2013: Changing the third party administrator...resulted in $300,000 in savings during 2013.... [reported by an MHJ Insurance Representative] Bagby said he budgeted around an additional $200,000 for health insurance in 2014... But how do those two statements jibe with the financials? According to documents released (Monthly Health Insurance Report Nov 2013) through the freedom of information act and sunshine laws of Missouri, the Insurance fund is set to lose over one million dollars in 2013 and there are murmers that insiders expect to lose an additional $2M next year. So how does a million dollar loss equate to "saving $300k"? Or possibly losing $2M more next year get blurred by

    Dec 19,

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