• New Leadership Reflects Diversity, Stability and Experience At Trade Group’s Pinnacle KANSAS CITY, Mo., July 28, 2014 -- Robert Gessner, President of MCTV (formerly Massillon Cable TV), was elected Chairman of the American Cable Association, and Patricia Jo Boyers, President of BOYCOM, was elected ACA Vice Chairwoman, each to two-year terms, by a vote of the ACA Membership announced today at the 9th annual Independent Show. "This is a critical time because the issues have never been tougher or the stakes higher for the independent cable community," Gessner said.  "I'm proud to lead ACA as the organization moves forward with its efforts to inform and educate policymakers on the vital role we play in the communications market and the need for public

    Jul 28,
  • Forty-five years after American innovation sent man to the moon, the VA is still processing claims on paper. The Department of Veterans Affairs was created in 1930 and has been reluctant to accept technological and administrative advancements throughout its 84 year history. The result is a backlog that makes the process of seeing a doctor a troublesome or sometimes unnavigable task for our veterans. I am committed to assisting veterans in Southeast and South-Central Missouri who truly deserve a VA that is working for them. The failings of the antiquated VA have had real and serious consequences for far too long. Wait times of more than three months for the patriots who defend our freedoms is absolutely unacceptable. Once our

    Jul 25,
  • POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. – The SEMO Times, a name already familiar to many Southeast Missouri readers, is set to re-launch on July 31 in an effort to provide in-depth news and feature articles with online and print products aimed at filling a gap in news coverage that has existed in the region for years. A launch party to unveil the new web site and first edition of the new newspaper has been set for 6 p.m., July 31 at Las Margaritas in Poplar Bluff. The announcement comes on the heels of the completion of a merger between the SEMO Times, which is owned and published by former Poplar Bluff Mayor Scott Faughn, and SEMO.net, operated by C.E.O Brian Becker. Faughn

    Jul 22,
  • During his State of the Union speech in January, President Obama said he hoped 2014 could be "a year of action." Six months have passed since the President issued his challenge, but leaders in the Senate are still refusing to even hold a vote on common sense bills passed by the House. National news personalities like to refer to Congress as a "do-nothing" body. The truth is, Senate leaders have refused to take up 148 of the 189 bills the House has passed. These are bills that would ease burdensome regulations on small businesses and families, establish America's energy independence and stop ObamaCare.   Like you, I am concerned about federal regulations imposed by the Obama Administration. In the House

    Jul 18,
  • Across America, thousands of people will be traveling this summer. Some of them for vacation, some for business, and some of them for family reunions. My family is one of those families gathering this weekend in Doniphan. But attendance will be down a bit this summer, for a lot of reasons. First, Mitcheners are now scattered across the United States. They will be traveling from the East Coast, from the West Coast, and from many dots on a map in between. Travel is expensive. Almost everyone has a year where their family budget is too tight to allow for such a trip, even if the reunions are held just every other year. And then there is the problem of scheduling,

    Jul 17,

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