• A video named "I Fought For You" has been floating around cyberspace recently and is well worth focusing on today. This video is brought to you by First Baptist of Poplar Bluff. http://vimeo.com/111423946

    Nov 11,
  • POPLAR BLUFF - Tucked away in the woods south of Poplar Bluff is a scene that would humble even the most elaborately decorated greeting card. The scene on the half-mile stretch of gravel road leading to the Pennington’s 60-acre mum farm is one of browning, overgrown fields and what appears to be a junk yard; it does not prepare you for the panorama of color laying just ahead. There is color everywhere from blaze orange pumpkins of all kinds, including warty, decorative, pie and various others.  Among the mums, you will also find gourds of many varieties and, the Pennington’s will share how to dry it for use as a birdhouse. Brilliant colored mums are everywhere: there are purple, purple

    Nov 10,
  • We've been trying to decide when we should release our electronic version of the newspaper each week. Some think it will decrease the number of physical papers picked up so the electronic should go out on the following Monday, others say it will increase the circulation if we show the newspaper in full. Let's see which theory is correct...here's this week's newspaper: http://issuu.com/semo.times/docs/11062014_-_final

    Nov 06,
  • POPLAR BLUFF - City Manager Heath Kaplan released the first "newsletter" to the citizens of Poplar Bluff in an effort to help citizens better understand the decisions his administration is making. Here is the newsletter in full: City Manager Newsletter - 14-11-04        

    Nov 04,

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