• Brian White is one of those guys who just likes creating things. He also really enjoys bringing people together. And he enjoys nice restaurants. So he decided to combine all those loves into one project: a new restaurant that would be different than anything Poplar Bluff has ever known. That is what Frontier is all about. It really is a new frontier for Poplar Bluff. The restaurant represents a new birth for downtown Poplar Bluff, and is located at 506 Vine Street, next to Black River Art Gallery. And as Brian White and his partner in this venture, Daniel Kingree, explain, this is a project that was meant to be. “It has just been amazing the way it has all

    Jun 11,
  • Summer theatre is a treat, much like other summertime treats…snow cones, ice cream, and gelatos. Often, summer theatre is light, like everything else during the summer. “I Hate Hamlet” is a perfect summertime play, agrees Stage Company Director Shelly Dunn. “This is a comedy that pokes fun at the theatre and at actors,” explained. “It is a great production for summertime theatre.” “This story really gives a peek behind the curtain,” continued Dunn. “It gives the glimpse some insight into the world of theatre…the things that give us butterflies before every performance.” This production is also light in the fact that it does not involve a large cast. “I think one of the things that makes this play so delightful

    Jun 07,
  • Though there wasn’t a lot of fanfare, Poplar Bluff’s first public radio station, Black River Public Radio, made its on-air debut Friday, June 5. But, there will be a big splash on June 19, when the group hosts its second fundraiser to raise money for equipment and programming for the new station. “We are on-air, which is very exciting,” said Robert Smith, one of the organizers of the new public radio station. “We’re playing a variety of music, but this is just the beginning of what we will be offering the community.” The June 19 fundraising event will be held at Black River Gallery, and will feature live jazz music, great food, and perhaps most importantly, great company in the

    Jun 06,
  • Are you ready for some down and dirty fun? Hundreds will be doing just that this weekend, as Brick’s Off Road Park hosts the 2015 Trucks Gone Wild event. And they’ll be coming on anything that has wheels. That’s because Trucks Gone Wild isn’t just an event…it’s a way of life for those who are part of the “Mudder Nation”. The ticket price for Friday through Sunday is $40. Scott Brickell of Brick’s Offroad Park admits $40 isn’t cheap, but it will be the most fun $40 could ever get you. The ticket price for Sunday only is $20. Kids 10 and under are admitted free. All who attend must sign waiver forms. “But we’ll have some people arriving earlier

    Jun 05,
  • Everyone of us has dreams. Sometimes, we live with dreams deferred because life seems to get in the way. When Chris Batrano was diagnosed with ALS, he could have been one of those people to give up on his dreams because life, or more specifically, a very serious illness got in the way. But Chris Batrano is not the type to give upon a dream. He’s more like a bull who pushes through every obstacle with sheer stubbornness. That’s the way Toren Anderson describes her friend. “It’s rare that a person gets to be a part of something that is truly unique and inspiring,” explained Anderson. “But I feel privileged to be part of Chris’ life, and this amazing quest

    Jun 03,

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