• Sikeston, Mo. - Driven by deep faith in God and love of her family, friends and community, country singer, Anna Catherine DeHart, is a very talented young woman on a mission; to pursue her passion for music and singing. Raised in Sikeston, MO., Anna Catherine stepped foot on the road of performing at the age of 12, and is following that road all the way to the big time in Music City. At the rate she is going, that day may not be so far away. I was driving somewhere recently and listening to Poplar Bluff’s KKLR, when a really good song grabbed my attention; it was ‘Rhinestone Lover’. I actually heard it twice that day and realized it was

    Aug 26,
  • Kim Musser's artwork is on display at the Tinnin Fine Arts Gallery on the campus of Three Rivers College from August 11 - 28, 2014. An artist meet-and-greet has been scheduled for August 21, from 6pm to 7pm. The centerfold of the SEMO TIMES August 21, 2014, issue features the work of Kim Musser.

    Aug 21,
  • Natalie Hemby with her guests (left to right) Trent Dabbs, Luke Laird, and Barry Dean. Collectively, over 20 #1 hit songs have been written by the four musicians. The Puxico Homecoming story is a little bit like the Cinderella fairytale. Amazing things happen in a relatively short amount of time. And then with the stroke of midnight, everything goes back to as it was before. The main difference between the Puxico Homecoming and Cinderella is that Goat Burgers are really the star of the Puxico Homecoming story, and they are nowhere to be found in the Cinderella story. If you ask anyone in Puxico, that is what makes the Puxico Homecoming story infinitely better! Rudy Williams of the VFW Post

    Aug 21,
  • KENNETT, Mo. - Jim Baker of Kennett is proud of making music. He's even more proud of the friendships forged within The Usual Suspects, a rockin-blues-based outfit that has performed live and in the studio since 2003. The band performs its annual no-holds-barred shindig at 5 pm Saturday at BB King's nightclub on Beale Street at Memphis. As talented as the group might be, Baker said the band evolved from humble beginnings. "We got a call in 2003 from Chris Drokes," the guitarist told SEMO TIMES Wednesday. "He needed a band for the Little River Festival there in Hornersville." The band recruited lead guitarist Dunk Carter, "born and raised in Kennett," Baker said. "We went down and played the festival

    Aug 20,
  • Kids young and old get excited as they pack their cars with lawn chairs and blankets to head off toward a night under the heavens to watch a movie. The concept is as American as it gets, with the first drive-in theater opening in June 1933 in New Jersey. By 1950 the invention made its way to the Mark Twain National Forest as Clark Davis from Ellington built the 21 Drive-in Theater. The theater is located 10 miles northeast of Van Buren, 16 miles west of Ellsinore and 16 miles south of Ellington along Highway 21, but that didn't stop the crowds from coming out and enjoying this new way to watch the movies. Three years later, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffries,

    Aug 08,

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