• A mainstay of downtown for about 80 years, generations of Dexter residents have shopped at Morgan's for furniture needs. "We've outlived all the other furniture stores," joked owner John Agey. "We have good furniture, good prices and friendly service. "I’m a second generation owner here," he added. “Started pushing a broom when I was five. I think when people come in they see our stock, our prices and our service." Agey said he's seen many changes on the face of downtown throughout the years. "There's been a resurgence in the last five years or so," he said. "Many young people have moved here and increased the feel of community. That's when we began to see even more business."

    Oct 25,
  • The ladies from N'Style Galleria and Salon At the same location for the last several years, visitors to N’Style Galleria might recognize the boutique by the tell-tale mural painted on the outside of the building. Or perhaps by the former moniker Lois' House of Fashions. Owner Pam Garner was there for the last 12 years and says a recent remodeling offered rebirth to the store, and to business. "The new stores opening here helped a lot," she admitted. "The Loft, The French Market, The Metro, all helped to bolster all the businesses here." Garner said diversity of goods and services makes N'Style Galleria a unique shopping experience. From Merle Norman cosmetics to Romanian original art, the shop has a surprise

    Oct 24,
  • DEXTER – Jane Jacobs, in The Death and Life of American Cities, describes the need for a vital downtown because its life-force breathes into every other part of the city. Dexter's downtown is a perfect example of that life-force and Dexter is a great example of a great city. Downtown Dexter is bustling with retail business, from consignment clothing stores to upscale, eclectic variety shops. You need only go into a single shop to find out about all the downtown retailers and what you can get where. That’s one astounding attribute you find in downtown Dexter; they support each other very proudly. Talk with City Administrator Mark Stidham and you will quickly understand the winning strategy behind Dexter’s success. Dexter’s

    Oct 24,
  • Pictured left to right are Charlie Drysdale of CAD Satellite, Shane Andrews, driver, and Michael Llewelyn, navigator, of Boat #17 It takes a lot of people to make an event like the Jet Sprint World Series held at Brick's Offroad Park happen. This wasn't just a local event. It was an international event. Most of the racers were from outside of the United States, like Australia and New Zealand, where Jet Sprint racing had its beginnings. It is such a popular sport there that the organizers desperately needed someone to provide a satellite feed that could take the event back to Australia and New Zealand. “That's where we come in,” explained Charlie Drysdale, owner of CAD Satellite Service, LLC. He

    Aug 18,
  • Is it possible the key to community success is right under our own front door welcome mat? States and communities are spending millions on attracting big box stores and chains to their malls. But could it be when it comes to community economic development, we are totally missing the boat? It's not that there is not a place in a local community for big box and chain stores, but according to a lot of research, smaller may actually be better for a local economy. According to a 2009 Time Magazine article, “At the most basic level, when you buy local, more money stays in the community.” The New Economics Foundation, and independent economic think tank based in London, conducted a

    Aug 04,

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