• I enjoy an early February warm front as much as the next guy, but the 20 mph south wind that accompanies it I could do without. But alas, that is the nature of early spring, which regardless of what that Pennsylvanian varmint sees or doesn’t see, starts for us outdoorsmen the day after duck season ends. The golden opportunity for us weekend warriors came Saturday morning, before the wind gusts exceeded the speed limit on most city streets. Thanks to the wonders of social media and my vast array of friends, I was able to see monster crappie coming from every body of water between Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Erie! Reelfoot Lake is turning out some slabs in the shallow,

    Feb 11,
  • As I set here writing my column, it occurs to me this month is nearly over.  When everyone reads this, January is history.  Can spring be very far away?  Yes, spring could be quite a distance away. The jonquils have started breaking their way through the cover of leaves and grass.  The snow crocus hasn’t made an appearance yet and snow could be in the forest for the coming week.  So far our snows have been the kind I like, just enough to cover the ground and make driving a little treacherous on some roads and highways and most of it melted away in short order. I visited my sister’s house off Township Line Road Friday.  She wasn’t home,

    Feb 03,
  • Well folks the Grizzly Jig Spring Tackle Show has come and gone, and I was honored to meet so many people who read this column both online and in the area newspapers. One gentleman came up and introduced himself and said, “Hey I really enjoy your column, and thank God you finally put that boy of yours on a deer!” I thanked him and began to give some of the details of the hunt, and he quickly cut me off and said, “Now do you think you could get back to giving a decent fishing report!?” Yes sir, yes sir I can! Duck season went out with a bang and I saw a lot of wader-laden water-fowlers posting pictures of

    Jan 29,
  • Now that the quail season has come to an end in Missouri, one of the former most-popular sports has been put to bed for 10 months. Quail hunting was really a popular activity for quite a while when I was growing up.  I killed most of my quail while rabbit hunting.  Dad had quit keeping a bird dog by the time I was born and the only time I hunted behind a dog for more than one trip was with my bowling partner “Jake” Jacobs.  Jake was the advertising manager at the DAR and had a pointer named Pud.  With my hunting activities we knew where to find a few coveys of quail, but we had very little success. My

    Jan 27,
  • Is it spring yet? Now that we have the deer in the freezer, the only thing that’s on my mind is crappie fishing, and maybe a bit of snow goose blasting! First off, I want to say thanks to everyone who called or emailed congratulating us on FINALLY getting my son’s first deer. It’s comforting to know that some of y’all were going through the struggle with me! If you really want to see a kid (and a dad and papa) extremely happy and proud, go to www.joshgowanoutdoors.com and watch the video. You will understand exactly why I drug my son all over the place, spending time and money to try to give him his opportunity to take his first

    Jan 22,

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