• Cousteau's grandson has built a robotic replica of a great white shark to better observe these animals in their natural environment. The robot-slash-submarine is able to mingle with the great white, and not draw their attention, thanks to a closed-circuit pneumatic propulsion system and cleverly disguised cameras. Do not miss the nice pictures next to the Wired article.

    Apr 06,
    - by semoadmin
  • At a recent ISSA (Information Systems Security Association) meeting in Los Angeles, a team of FBI agents demonstrated current WEP-cracking techniques and broke a 128 bit WEP key in about three minutes. Special Agent Geoff Bickers ran the Powerpoint presentation and explained the attack, while the other agents (who did not want to be named or photographed) did the dirty work of sniffing wireless traffic and breaking the WEP keys. This article will be a general overview of the procedures used by the FBI team.." - (Post found on Slashdot.Org) Article Link

    Apr 05,
    - by semoadmin
  • Microsoft has recalled the power cords for 14.1 million of the nearly 20 million Xbox game systems ever made. But despite the number of products involved and the damage reported, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says the problem does not rise to the level of a "substantial product hazard." The CPSC is not involved. Read the full article here.

    Apr 01,
    - by semoadmin

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