• The well-coached Greenville Lady Bears found themselves heading to the locker room for the last time this season after a 43-34 loss to Metro (St Louis) team at Farmington's Civic Center. The quarter-finals basketball game didn't start out typical for the Lady Bears...the defense of Metro (St Louis) Panthers had the two Greenville insiders (Tara Porter and Sara Woodgeard) completely covered. But that left Kaylin Becker unguarded and she made the Panthers pay. Becker's hot hand scored the first five field goals for Greenville and pushed her team into the lead against a cold-shooting Metro squad with the first quarter ending 5-12. As Metro adjusted to keep Becker guarded, no other player was able to step up and lead the

    Mar 08,
  • Even after last Wednesday night's 67-60 triumph over Portageville, Greenville girls' basketball coach Diane Rainwater Meyer still has a pretty impressive "to do" list pending. Let's see now...March 8: Coach the Lady Bears in the quarter-finals against the Metro (St. Louis) Lady Panthers at Farmington (today!). April 19: Celebrate 4th wedding anniversary. April 19, Part II: Bring Baby Ian into the world. May 3--- Wait a minute. Say what?

    Mar 08,
  • "I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a disgrace; two are a law firm; and three or more become a congress." ---John Adams, "1776"   Don't be fooled by the subject matter; this play, under Stage Company perennial Ron Gilliland's deft direction, offers laugh-out-loud moments throughout---and even a generous dollop of romance, to boot! But for now, picture the genteel, the be-wigged, the be-stockinged, the deeply annoyed and the highly nervous coming together from all over the land to chart a course for a new kind of political entity. Of course you've worked out the play's title year and its significance; well, physically, the action in 1776 is set almost entirely inside chambers of the Second

    Mar 08,
  • In their stunning production of 1776, which opened last night at the Rodgers Theater, The Stage Company of Poplar Bluff delivers the goods with robust humor, fine music, and lavish attention to period detail. Not since last summer's well-received Chicago, another demanding musical known for its large cast, has the Company attempted a production of such scope and logistical difficulty. But under the direction of Stage Company veteran Ron Gilliland---also at the helm for Chicago---1776 is an assured, smart, and often boisterous delight. Don't flee in terror upon discovering that it's thought-provoking, too.

    Mar 07,
  • The Lady Bears pulled ahead early and went up by 10 points mid-2nd Quarter and headed into the locker room with a comfortable lead. However, the Bulldogs did not lay down and fought back into the game by the middle of the third quarter. The lead changed half-a-dozen times and the Bulldogs pulled ahead by as much as 3 with 3:06 left in the game. With four of the five Greenville starters having four fouls by mid fourth quarter, Greenville's coach was put to the test. She adjusted her team's defensive and offensive tactics to protect the paint and move the ball down the court past Portageville's full-court press. With three minutes left, two of the starters were out of

    Mar 05,

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