• As Monday evening approached, both coaches did all they could to trim the nerves of these 8- to 10-year-olds as they took the field for the semi-finals game against Lynch's Lawn Service. After an entire season where double-digit leads were common and balls were hit to the fence nearly every inning, it was hard for fans, coaches and players to keep their wits in a low-scoring, defensive duel. By the end of the game, it was clear that semo.net's bats were not going to come alive and it was up to their defensive skills to keep them in the game. Going into the top of the sixth and last inning, semo.net took the field leading 2 - 1.

    Jul 15,
    - by semoadmin
  • In the first part of MSG Jeffrey Pennington’s email home, he touched on the atmosphere and his current mission centered near the ancient Iraqi city of Samarra, a 2007 UNESCO World Heritage Site north of Baghdad. In today’s column, we’ll see how he describes the everyday living conditions he and his fellow soldiers face at Patrol Base Kaufman. If you don’t count the sand---or the cheesy children’s wading pool the troops brought in for heat-relief---then there is nothing at PB Kaufman that remotely resembles a day at the beach.

    Jul 12,
  • Missouri National Guardsman Jeffrey Pennington, formerly First Sergeant with the 1137th Military Police Company out of Kennett, was most recently deployed to Iraq in the capacity of Master Sergeant with the 1175th Military Police Company out of St. Clair, Missouri.   Jeffrey Pennington sends along his first communication to us since his recent deployment to Samarra, Iraq. We present his message in installments, with minimal editing for clarity throughout. Here now, MSG Pennington's message:

    Jul 09,
  • On this July 4th, since others are addressing the patriotic, political, and recreational aspects of the holiday in a major way---I'm going to go with a uniquely American pop-cultural moment I experienced some years ago. Like a hundred, give or take.

    Jul 04,

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