• Time sure flies when you are having fun. It’s time again to warm up the typewriter and get out another column. My turkey hunting has ground to a halt as I just don’t get too interested in anything where the game and fish fail to cooperate at least a little bit. I have heard quite a few interviews lately (particularly sports) and most of them get turned off real quick as I don’t like interviews by sports or newscasters of people that don’t know how to speak properly. The phrases that bug me in particular are “you know” and “I mean”. When they are combined with each other sounds very silly to me and tells me that they don’t know

    May 15,
  • Photo information: Photos taken at previous dinner theatres, with themes ranging from The Wild West to Mystery Mansion to Twilight Zone. With a little attention, just about anything will grow. That’s true whether you are talking about gardening, or…dinner theatre? Sean Kallner of the Springhill School of Hope says that is exactly what has happened with the school’s annual Dinner Theatre Fundraiser. “This is actually our fifth year doing dinner theatre, and it has progressed so much!” he explained excitedly. “The first year it was really just a few people reading a script. Now it has turned into a full length play production with lights, sound, costumes and props. We’ve come a long way,” added Kallner. This year’s event is

    May 13,
  • I was back on the “Foot” this past week, where the weather was hot and the fishing was slow, at least for my target species, the majestic crappie! Now every other type of fish in the lake was jumping in the boat, and a less stubborn man would have altered his tactics and target to attain success, but while I may not be very patient, I am bull-headed! I always see the weather-folks warning people of the heat, “stay inside,” “carry plenty of water,” “avoid the midday sun,” and so on. Being a moderately young and extremely tough (it’s my column, and I can describe myself how I see fit) outdoorsman, I pay no attention to such trivial warnings.

    May 12,
  • Poplar Bluff High School senior Ben Soeter is the first student in three years to read 100 novels and earn a $1,000 scholarship via the Designing Women Foundation’s Charlie Classics reading program. The 17-year-old has placed first in his class each year for reading the most teacher-approved literary works, resultantly winning thousands in bank cards in addition to the scholarship. When Soeter was a freshman, he generously donated $500 back to the PBHS library so the school can replace some of its titles in the Charlie Classics collection. At the time, he declared that it was a goal of his to complete the challenge. Reflecting on all the books, Soeter said: “It changed the way I think, broadening my outlook

    May 12,
  • The Libla family finalized a seven figure donation to the Three Rivers Endowment Trust during a signing event held at Three Rivers College on Monday, May 8. In return, the college announced that institution’s proposed athletics building would be named the “Libla Family Sports Complex.” “We’re proud to help Three Rivers College launch this endeavor, and this is part of our commitment to giving back to the community as much as we can,” said David Libla. “By having this project named for the Libla family, it serves as a remembrance of our parents, and hopefully inspires our children and grandchildren to continue giving back to this community which has given so much to us.” Attending the signing ceremony were

    May 12,

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