• On this farm I see strange things often.  The strangest romance I have ever seen proves that size doesn’t matter.  We currently have two different breeds of swine on our farm.  We have Red Wattle Hogs, which are rather large and unwieldy, and Juliana Pigs, which are a breed of the mini pig currently popular for keeping as pets.  Our Juliana Boar wants nothing to do with his sows.  He is madly in love with one of the Red wattle Sows.  He routinely escapes his pen to join her in the field.   You would imagine she’d have nothing to do with him, but she seems to return his affection.  So much that I’ve seen her lie down and raise a

    Apr 02,
  • We moved to our farm in the spring of 2012.  It was a welcome change of pace from living in the center of Poplar Bluff.  Admittedly, the first summer I did miss being 5 minutes or less from grocery stores, pizza that was delivered and reliable high speed internet.  However, the sheer amount of space, the great reduction in traffic, neighbors who didn’t come home at 3am and yell at each other outside my bedroom window, and just being in nature was way more important. I grew up in the country.  My parents had a small farm with a few animals and I considered myself a farm kid.  I soon discovered just because I grew up on a farm and

    Mar 25,

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