• Doyle Burke believes in doing his homework. Burke and his wife Tracy are the proprietors of Hobby World, the new Valley Plaza hobby supply center that's been generating a major buzz throughout the Poplar Bluff area. Slot car and electric train enthusiasts, artists and crafters, model builders and scrapbookers, families and teachers, take note: You no longer need to trek to the ends of the earth---or to Cape Girardeau, for that matter---for the supplies you need to make the most of your work or play. That's because Doyle Burke has combined extensive business experience with a knack for research to tailor Hobby World to the needs of local consumers. Burke returned to Poplar Bluff from Nashville in 1993, having garnered

    Sep 24,
  • If you are anything like me, you go about your business in life not having the slightest notion, from personal experience, what all is involved in ensuring that no armed threat from beyond our borders prevents you from doing just that: going about your business. Sometimes we may unwittingly fail to see our own inexorable link to the U.S. soldier in the field in a time of war. We may fail to see our connection to that soldier's effort; to that person's ability to perform at peak readiness; to that person's ability to remain clear, with greater ease, on why he or she might have traveled so far from home for such life-threatening hardship, with so little tangible reward.

    Sep 20,
  • There's a powerful Texas wind sweeping the land, and it's leaving a trail of pure, unadulterated joy in its wake. Next stop: Poplar Bluff, Missouri! Now's the time to grab your tickets to a star-studded night of contemporary Christian musical praise here in the Bluff. On Friday, September 28 from 7:30 pm, the Dove Award-winning, Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum powerhouse MercyMe will be rocking the Black River Coliseum, along with special guests Shane & Shane and Monk & Neagle. Come experience MercyMe right where you live---hear the band whose rock-and-pop-infused sound is searing through boundaries, spreading a message of hope beyond the traditional frontiers of Christian radio.

    Sep 14,
  • The next time someone gripes to you over coffee that "there's nothing to doooooo" in Poplar Bluff, grasp the misguided soul by the scruff of the neck and head straight down to Fay's Place. Fay Brown is the proprietor of the most unique art space in Poplar Bluff, located at 2299 N. Main in a spacious structure that once housed a carpet store. Fay's Place is an extensive "artistic gallery" and a workspace for local and regional artists. It's a place for instruction in a broad range of arts, including jewelry making, stained-glass construction, ceramics, beading, and painting. Also, Fay's offers ready-made frames, and a custom-framing service equipped to handle everything from simple prints to tapestries, from hand-crocheted items to

    Sep 12,

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