• I’m no scholar, but I appreciate people who speak well. My dad was an eloquent speaker, gifted with the ability to frame his thoughts with well-chosen words. It’s not that he was so highly educated whereby he gained such a command of the English language. He simply valued the power of language and its importance in every day communication. Growing up, I watched my dad engage people in conversation about any given subject, from the seemingly mundane to the hot button issues of the day, with wit and passion. He had an opinion and could clearly convey it. He wrote letters to editors and articles for newspapers about issues he wished to weigh in on, many of which I have

    Oct 10,
  • I was not one of the 1008 Americans to receive a call from CNN Opinion Research Corporation Poll, asking whether I’m in a sour mood over the state of the country, so I did not get to weigh in on the subject. I wish I had been called, because I would have greatly differed with the whopping 70% of my grumpy countrymen. And, should the unsuspecting pollster have stayed on the line long enough, I would have had this to say: Who lets their mood be determined by such a thing? If I based my mood on something as ambiguous as the state of the country, I might never rise from my covers in the morning. What kind of emotional

    May 05,
  • Oh Hollywood, you can make even the vilest of societal bane into good TV. Idol Gives Back 2008, in all its grandeur, left me feeling empty, not inspired, not philanthropic, empty. I didn’t get Snoop Dogg’s lofty platitudes. Carrie Underwood’s gut-wrenching song about the inherent selfishness of her fellow man didn’t make me feel bad. I wondered how many starving children she could save by turning that gossamer dress into food. Bono didn’t get to me at all. He always seems to be assuaging his own guilt over the enormous fame and money he has. He looks so cool and hip squatting next to those people who have absolutely nothing. Maria Shriver’s blathering? Nothing. And I just couldn’t reconcile the

    Apr 11,

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