• On May 30, the City of Poplar Bluff filed a petition against former City Manager Doug Bagby with the Butler County Circuit Court requesting Declaratory Judgment. The City is asking the court to look at the City Manager contract from 2003 and determine if it is valid. The petition cites that the city believes the contract was not valid because it was at odds with Missouri Statutes, Missouri Constitution and City Ordinance. SEMO.net received a City v Doug Bagby from the Circuit Court Clerk. You can also read a SEMO.net article from May 7: Crazy Claims Regarding Bagby's Contract

    Jun 02,
  • At the beginning of the new year, the city shot down the opportunity to put their meeting videos online. But part of the "New Direction" includes more open and transparent meetings. What seems so simple, is such a HUGE step. Thank you council for voting 6-0 to post your meetings online!

    May 21,
  • For weeks both Topix and Facebook have had a frenzy of posts regarding how citizens "should go down to City Hall and support Doug Bagby at the next meeting!" But at last night's City Council meeting only Dan Coffman spoke during the citizen input. For the most part Mr. Coffman parroted the DAR's talking points and challenged the council regarding their recent actions. The council respectfully answered all of the inquiries and the meeting moved on without incident. It has been rumored for over a month that those claiming to have been marginalized or disenfranchised by the actions of the current council are attempting a recall of Mayor Pearson and Johnny Brannum. I assume that the group attempting the recall has chosen the political committee

    May 20,
  • Many questions are swirling about Doug Bagby's City Manager contract since KFVS-TV reported that "Bagby's Remaining Contract" was $270,000. The Daily American Republic regurgitated the same information; quoting David Silverberg in today's paper "The decision by the new coalition on the Poplar Bluff City Council to fire City Manager Doug Bagby will cost the city nearly $278,000 in salary he still must be paid under his contract." Here's the problem: Missouri has laws and a constitution. But before we get to that, let's look at the contract Mr. Bagby is quoting from dated August 26, 2003: 2. Term. The initial term of this agreement shall be for a period of three (3) years, and shall begin on September 1, 2003

    May 07,
  • Late yesterday Judge Schuller, in the City of Poplar Bluff v Robert J Whelan case, dismissed the City's case against Whelan. The judge wrote: "...Defendants claim that the Relator failed to act in good faith by not following generally accepted accounting practices. Relator's appraiser testified that his appraisal was subject to the LPA Manual. ...Clearly, these requirements were not met." "...the power of condemnation is such an extreme use of power by the government that the applicable statutes are strictly construed in favor of the landowners." The case centers around the intersection of Oak Grove Road and North Westwood Blvd where MoDot and City officials have been planning a much needed upgrade. The first main purchase was for an empty office

    Apr 02,

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