• Summer theatre is a treat, much like other summertime treats…snow cones, ice cream, and gelatos. Often, summer theatre is light, like everything else during the summer. “I Hate Hamlet” is a perfect summertime play, agrees Stage Company Director Shelly Dunn. “This is a comedy that pokes fun at the theatre and at actors,” explained. “It is a great production for summertime theatre.” “This story really gives a peek behind the curtain,” continued Dunn. “It gives the glimpse some insight into the world of theatre…the things that give us butterflies before every performance.” This production is also light in the fact that it does not involve a large cast. “I think one of the things that makes this play so delightful

    Jun 07,
  • Everyone of us has dreams. Sometimes, we live with dreams deferred because life seems to get in the way. When Chris Batrano was diagnosed with ALS, he could have been one of those people to give up on his dreams because life, or more specifically, a very serious illness got in the way. But Chris Batrano is not the type to give upon a dream. He’s more like a bull who pushes through every obstacle with sheer stubbornness. That’s the way Toren Anderson describes her friend. “It’s rare that a person gets to be a part of something that is truly unique and inspiring,” explained Anderson. “But I feel privileged to be part of Chris’ life, and this amazing quest

    Jun 03,
  • It’s not every day that a country music legend pulls into town. But that will be the case on June 6 when country music legend Narvel Felts performs at Poplar Bluff’s Historic Rodgers Theatre. It won’t be the first time, though, notes Penny Cooley, manager of the theatre. “He has played at the Rodgers several times now, and it is always great because he has such a loyal fan base. They come from all over the country to come see him, and certainly from all over Missouri.” Felts is a country music legend, but he is also a regional home town guy. Felts was raised in Bernie and attended Bernie High School. As a matter of fact, he was “discovered”

    May 28,
  • “You’re going to have to find a job, or get married,” he said in a firm, but kind voice. That was her father’s advice upon learning she wanted to major in art at Ole Miss. Yes, admits artist Melanie Dame Withrow, life is not easy for an artist. She’s wrestled with that desire to create art her whole life. Art can be an addiction. Art supplies are expensive, but the pull of the desire to create is like nothing else. How did she get here? She often asks herself the same question. “I wasn’t born with a silver paintbrush in my hand. That’s for sure,” said Withrow. “And I wasn’t reared with fine art all around me. But I was

    May 18,
  • Photo information: Photos taken at previous dinner theatres, with themes ranging from The Wild West to Mystery Mansion to Twilight Zone. With a little attention, just about anything will grow. That’s true whether you are talking about gardening, or…dinner theatre? Sean Kallner of the Springhill School of Hope says that is exactly what has happened with the school’s annual Dinner Theatre Fundraiser. “This is actually our fifth year doing dinner theatre, and it has progressed so much!” he explained excitedly. “The first year it was really just a few people reading a script. Now it has turned into a full length play production with lights, sound, costumes and props. We’ve come a long way,” added Kallner. This year’s event is

    May 13,

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