• POPLAR BLUFF - Monday was beautiful. Sunshine, mild breeze, autumn in the air, and area high school boys of summer playing their best at the Ozark Foothills Conference (OFC) Tournament on the TRC campus. While statistics measured the performance of athletes mathematically, peers, coaches and families proved the measure of the player. A SEMO TIMES reporter asked a number of fans who they'd watch for, or watch out for, during the series. SEMO TIMES caught up with these fan picks after their games Monday and one by telephone Tuesday. So by popular choice, here are conversations with a few fine young men, their coaches and families. Greenville's No. 3, pitcher and shortstop Trey McDaniel is thought by many to be

    Oct 15,
  • It was a nail-biter at Brick’s Offroad Park as 15 Big Trucks competed for the $10,000 “Winner Takes All” Prize in the Mud Truck Challenge. Winning the prize at the very last minute was Jonnie Manees of Dudley, MO, who made it through the infamous Brick’s Slough in just 4 minutes and 56 seconds. In his truck “Strictly Business.” Manees was the very last driver of the day to churn his way through the slough. It was an exciting win, coming after Ron Hoppe had managed to get through the slough twice in both trucks he had brought to the event, but his times could not beat Manees’. Ron Hoppe had gotten through it first in 14 minutes and 47

    Sep 29,
  • Trucks At Bricks POPLAR BLUFF -If you live in the vicinity of Brick’s Offroad Park in Butler County, that isn’t a series of earthquakes you are feeling tonight. It’s the big trucks arriving for Brick’s $10,000 Mud Truck Challenge. By 7 p.m. this evening, at least a half a dozen big trucks and their drivers had shown up at Brick’s, sizing up the competition for that $10,000 prize that goes to the driver that makes it through Brick’s infamous Slough, the slough that until last year no driver had ever made it through. Dustin McCutcheon changed that last year, when he made it through, claimingthe prize, and now returning this year to try to do it again. Who wins the

    Sep 26,
  • POPLAR BLUFF – The crowds are gathering. The engines are revving. The Slough ripples with tons of fresh mud. Brick’s Offroad Park is ready for the drivers and the crowds. For years, not a single driver got through The Slough. But last year when Dustin McCutcheon got through it and claimed the $10,000 prize, he showed it could be done. The excitement for this year’s event has been building ever since. “Dustin was the first to get through it,” said Jay Brickell. “A lot of drivers took his example, and they think this year they can do it, too.” “It’s possible that more than one driver may make it through,” said Brickell. Because of that possibility, there will be a

    Sep 25,

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