• If Tammy Marler were to choose a favorite superhero, it would surely be “Underdog.” That’s because she realizes that is basically her position as a write-in candidate for the office of Butler County Collector on November 4. Her story is not one of a blue blood Republican dynasty. Her story is one of a woman who has worked her whole life to overcome odds. “I was born and raised in Butler County living at Lake Wappapello. I was one of nine children living in a home with just three bedrooms and one bathroom. I shared a bedroom with two of my sisters, one of them my twin sister,” recalls Marler. She came from a single income family, with her father

    Oct 16,
  • The Butler County Republican Party met at the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce to nominate a replacement candidate for the upcoming November election for County Collector. The office was vacated earlier this month when County Collector Brenda Fox passed away. In a very cordial yet extremely professional meeting, Chairman Eddy Justice and Secretary Joe Leahy laid out the ground rules for the evening's nominations and voting. With 22 of the 24 Butler County Delegates present, Justice informed the room that 12 votes was necessary to carry the nomination. Tammy Marler, Larry Kimbrow, Emily Parks and Jerrica Fox were nominated by the delegates. Once the nominations were closed each candidate was given up to 3 minutes to stump for the party's

    Aug 25,
  • SEMO TIMES has learned that Gov. Nixon is set to appoint Chris Michel next week to finish out the remainder of the term of Butler County Collector due to the passing of the current Collector, Brenda Fox. SEMO TIMES contacted Michel and asked about the appointment, he had no comment. That is not necessarily uncommon for an appointee before it is made official. Michel did respond when asked about the upcoming November election, he was recently nominated by the Democratic Convention to be on the ballot for the upcoming election. Michel said he was excited about the campaign. He already has a campaign website.  

    Aug 17,
  • Many family members, friends, and admirers were saddened Sunday to learn of the passing of Brenda Fox, 62, a woman who has been the Butler County Collector since 1999. Marion Tibbs, Butler County Assessor, noted that he would be missing Fox not only professionally, but also personally. “She was just a great person. One of the most dependable people I've ever known,” commented Tibbs. Though she won her office back in 1998 as a Republican, she was always known as a team player and a problem-solver. “It's not uncommon for County Assessors and County Collectors to sometimes butt heads,” explained Tibbs. “But she was not like that. She always worked to solve a problem. Fox was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

    Aug 06,

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