• Paul Woods on the back of his truck with rabbits from a hunt with Leroy Romine. One of the pictured swamp rabbits was used for a display at the Poplar Bluff Museum. With fall comes the exodus of the hummingbirds. There are still a few of the little rascals around our feeders. My wife had 19 feeders in use at one time this summer and had to refill almost every one daily. When the first bit of cold weather hit our area a few weeks ago, a lot of the birds disappeared. We took about a dozen feeders down. This week the weather got warm and lots of the birds reappeared. They were probably the ones traveling through on their way

    Oct 07,
  • Richard Woods, one Inman Brother, the gar with Charlie Woods (dad) hand on the gar, Columbus Clark in the background, and the other Inman brother. My dad was six feet tall. The scales on the gar were larger than a half-dollar. The famous alligator gar story all started one afternoon after my dad got home from work. There were several boys swimming in the “ole swimming hole” across the river from our house on North Riverview on the East Side of Poplar Bluff. All at once some cussing broke out loud enough for dad to hear. He hollered across the river for them not to use that kind of language and was promptly informed by a young voice, “If you

    Oct 05,
  • With the approach of the fall hunting seasons, the weather has done a good thing for anyone who enjoys outdoor activity.  There are plenty of hunting seasons open and more to open in the near future. In our neighborhood there are some hunters who chose not to wait for the legal seasons and bag their deer before season.  Some just take the choice cuts from a deer and leave the rest for coyotes, while others just leave a carcass where it lies and drive away. Two game wardens to take care of the enforcement of the hunting laws are not enough to enforce the conservation laws in any county in the state. We had a case in the neighborhood early

    Sep 15,
  • The Woods Clan in the 1960s: Paula Woods, Elaine Woods, Doug Woods, Paul Woods, Mike Woods. Now that school has started in most of the area towns, there will be fewer fishermen and women on the area lakes and rivers.  Also there will be fewer hunters in the woods.  The squirrel population in my area has been down even though there are too many ticks for most hunters around here to venture out. On my last trip to the woods I wore boots and used Deep Woods Off on my pants legs and stuffed the cuffs into my boots.  After I got home, I picked about a dozen ticks off my clothes.  I used some bleach on my legs for

    Aug 25,
  • The Missouri Department of Conservation raised the daily limit of squirrels to 10 over a year ago. There may be plenty in some areas but they are scarce in others. I took my first serious trip to the woods last Saturday and I did see three of the bushy tailed animals. I shot two of them and didn’t get to retrieve either of them. The first one was in a small hickory and at the crack of the gun, it started to fall and lodged in a small fork of the limb just below. I checked every angle to figure some way to get it out but it was stuck to where there was no way that I could dislodge

    Aug 20,

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