• At tonight's City Council meeting the City Clerk, Pam Kearbey, announced that nominations were open for Mayor. Johnny Brannum and Susan McVey started speaking at the same time and Kearbey recognized McVey. She nominated current Mayor, Ed Degaris. Kearbey asked for a second and Lloyd Matthews seconded the nomination. Kearbey then gave the floor back to Brannum who stated that the city had just made history by seating Angela Pearson and Betty Abshear which made three women serving on the City Council at the same time. Brannum went on to state that the city should make history again, tonight, by honoring the 4-term City Council member, Robert Smith, and elect him to be the first African-American Mayor of our 140+

    Apr 15,
  • SEMO.net has confirmed that the City is filing for Eminent Domain of property at the corner of Westwood Blvd and Oak Grove Road owned by Robert and Robin Whelan which houses Robert Whelan Financial Services. SEMO.net has already reported that one property near that intersection sold at a premium. Two more properties nearby have been purchased by the City: Location Schalk (#1 in photo) Ozark Medical (#2) Car Wash (#3) Sold for $828,000 $789,000 $1,000,000 Appraisal $828,000 $655,000 $748,700 "Good Will" $0 $134,000 $251,300 Office $38/sqft $58/sqft none Lot $10/sqft $18/sqft $21/sqft This leaves the Whelans' Property (#4 in photo) as the sole, business property remaining along Oak Grove, all other lots are residences or empty. From a "business" perspective, it

    Apr 04,
  • It was clear from the beginning as I was bombarded by countless questions that it wasn't going my way. Here's an example: Becker: Both Wally Duncan and Bill Bach have repeatedly said they never received any notification and never received a letter from me regarding the date of the Dispute Hearing even though we contacted the city four different times: two by phone to the City's lawyer in St Louis, once by email (Feb 21) to the City's lawyer in St Louis and once by letter (Mar 14) to Mr. Bach.

    Aug 11,
  • Below is the cover-letter for a packet of information provided to the City Council on Friday. Packet for City Council members Dear Council members, At the last meeting, Councilwoman McVey asked for information to be provided in advance with your packet of information. Councilman Matthews echoed that sentiment as well. With that in mind, I prepared the enclosed material to be included for the upcoming meeting. I was at the City Clerk / City Manager’s offices yesterday asking how I could get my material included; Mr. Bagby refused my information and informed me that I needed to mail it to you directly.

    Aug 01,

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