• According to the National Geographic News: Aging mice can be made "young" again, according to findings one scientist initially found unbelievable. The key is muscle-derived stem cells, which—like other stem cells—are unspecialized cells that can become any type of cell in the body. When injected with muscle stem cells from young mice, older mice with a condition that causes them to age rapidly saw a threefold increase in their life spans, said study co-author Johnny Huard, a stem-cell expert at the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh. Check out the full story at National Geographic News.

    Jan 10,
    - by semoadmin
  • With the word dirigible  one typically thinks of the Hindenburg or maybe even Snoopy on the MetLife Blimp floating over a football game. But one company is launching a new vehicle: AerosCraft's rigid-variable-buoyancy airship. The company plans on flight-testing the in the next 60-days what the CEO claims is the future of air travel. Honestly, the allure of a Land Cruise to see Iron Horse & Mount Rushmore, down the Rocky Mountains and the into the Grand Canyon. Or how about a trip across the frozen lands of Alaska, viewing the majestic wildlife and terrain. What a great vacation that would be. Below is a video of the dirigible demonstrating its hover abilities. I'm looking forward to the flight-test video in the coming months.

    Jan 07,
    - by semoadmin
  • A Michigan boy and his cousin will go down in Macomb County's artifact history after discovering an American Mastodon bone near 24 Mile and Dequindre roads. It’s nearly every young, adventurous boy’s dream to stumble upon prehistoric artifacts while playing in their backyard. For an 11-year-old Shelby Township boy, Eric Stamatin and his cousin Andrew Gainariu, 11, that dream came true this summer. On a warm June day, the boys were hoping to find crayfish while exploring a stream about a quarter of a mile from Stamatin's house on 24 Mile and Dequindre roads. Instead, they stubmled upon an American Mastodon bone. “At first it just looked like a rock but it had a hole in it so we thought

    Dec 15,
    - by semoadmin
  • From the OpenAccessPettion.org website: We need YOU to come to the City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 5 at 7pm. We need City Council to understand this issue won't just go away. City Council meets at the City Hall (on Oak Street behind the Library) in the Council Chambers. Tell us on facebookyou are coming: Need a ride? We can help, call 573.840-0525. Want to Volunteer? We need help, call 573.738-0055 What Else Can You Do: - Post on facebook & tweet that you are coming to the meeting and invite other locals to do so - Call friends and ask them to join you at the council meeting - Are you part of a group? Contact them and ask

    Jun 27,
  • Semo.net's Major League Maintenance is designed as a no-hassle computer maintenance program. This plan was designed for people with little to no computer knowledge, as well as, those who don’t have a lot of time to fix their own computers. For only $8.95/month, your computer can be serviced for free two times during the year. If you need a third visit, that's at a greatly reduced price. This plan will save you time and money on computer maintenance.

    Dec 11,

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