• Carolyn Smith is too funny to fit squarely into the "romance" segment of the publishing world. "The romance genre's really locked in," she observes, suddenly clutching her chest and blurting out in mock-horror, "'Is she drinking a mimosa? Noooooo! It has to be a Bloody Mary!'" Though romantic themes may figure prominently in Smith's writing, her work involves original plot and narrative choices that defy the traditional bodice-ripping drill. And so her two published novels, Beyond the Lies and Hole in Her Heart, come under the heading of women's fiction---where sudden death, or building an entire life and family apart from the hunky but unavailable anti-hero, is indeed permitted. Both of Smith's novels were published in 2004, and represent triumph

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  • "I think I got into a habit of fixing what was easiest and fastest, because I was a working parent, and I had a limited amount of energy. So that meant a lot of hamburger." Thus does one of my own neighbors begin her tale of nutritional development for the better. This mother of three college-age adults began to critically examine her family's diet upon entering the field of diabetes education, back when her kids were in elementary school. The more expertise she gained in her work, the more determined she was to throw out her old model for throwing together meals, and she has never looked back. The rationale she offers for the family's former diet is probably shared

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  • Grace Cafe in Cape is not only a restaurant, but a haven of good rest from all the little daily wars. There, you might have a hearty lunch, catch up, wind down, play bridge---or sit in silence with nothing but your newspaper and a heavenly cup of espresso, pulled with love and consummate attention to detail. Grace Parry, who, with husband Mike, owns Grace Cafe, describes the establishment's chief purpose: "To impart grace to all who walk through these doors...It's about how we treat people, it's about excellence". That comes out to quite a bit of grace in a college haunt whose clientele also includes businesspersons; retirees; a large swath of the international community; and anyone in search of a

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