• The seven parts of this series are: Advent: Reclaiming the Spirit of Christmas Advent: How to Make An Advent Wreath Advent: The First Candle - Advent Service Advent: Lighting the Second Candle - Advent Service Advent: Candle #3 - Advent Service Advent: Lighting The Fourth Candle - Advent Service Advent: The Christ-Child Candle - Advent Service

    Nov 21,
  • In a nameless place on a clear, blue day, Death comes stalking, wearing blue and Gray. Hometown boys, nervous as cats. The fear was there, their first combat. It happened quickly, this fight over space. Neither side giving, wanting this place. Orders given, guns charged, lines of men drawn straight. Hammers cocked, eyes to sights, shots from a rifle expressing hate. The fight is joined with a roar of sound. Bodies fall, slam to the ground. Screams and moans as the battle rages. With all this death; no history pages. Death takes its toll, the only winner. The battle’s over, ranks are thinner. Neither side wins; the troops withdraw. Each side looks back with awe. No name for the battle,

    Nov 19,
  • By May of this year, the next president of the United States was narrowed down to three candidates: John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One of those three was going to be the next President of the United States. FoxNews Article: Bill's Foreign Affairs Could Cost Hillary Cabinet Post It was a close race between Obama and Clinton in the primaries (a race that might have changed with a little more time, or if Florida and Michigan not changed their voting schedule and forfeited their right to help direct that choice). Hillary Clinton was almost the democratic nominee and with the current economic crisis being seen as a republican-created mess, she would have most likely won the presidency. Okay,

    Nov 18,
  • My boys know that whenever I begin a sentence with “Back in ‘my day…’” they are about to be launched into a memory from mom’s Big Book of Remembrance where there is no yawning allowed. However, this memory from my past is both true and important (aren’t they all?) for keeping them safe. You see, when I was a child, my parents thought nothing of letting me and my six siblings disappear deep into the neighborhood for hours on end, returning only when absolutely starving or bleeding severely. We played in other people’s houses, we walked many blocks to and from school, rode our bikes clear across town to swim with friends at the river, all this and more with

    Nov 12,
  • You wouldn’t normally think that a hearing impaired individual would get into trouble talking in class, but one teenage boy would beg to differ.  Adam, who is 15, received his Cochlear implant at the age of 2 after a bout with meningitis resulting in his being diagnosed deaf.  Adam doesn’t feel that his implant prevents him from being just another kid.  He enjoys talking on his cell phone and says that no one at school makes fun of him and he feels very much a part of his school. When Mardie’s mother was diagnosed with Rubella while she was pregnant, it resulted in her being born with a major hearing impairment.  Although she could not hear, her parents insisted upon

    Nov 10,

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